Thomas Robinson signs a contract within the Euro League

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621



Thomas Robinson has officially agreed to a contract with a team in the Euro League. The former 2012 number 5 overall pick has signed with Khimiki Moscow.

Details on the contract have yet to be released.



This is a bitter sweet move for all the Thomas Robinson fans out there. Obviously, we are all praying and wishing that he would finally get his chance in the NBA. T Rob has been on 6 teams since he joined the association in 2012. However, Robinson never got the chance that he deserved.

Every team Robinson joined he was a high energy, high motor guy off the bench but only playing sparingly.  Robinson could never solidify himself on a roster and I believe he has been vastly overlooked. Look at his per 36 minuted per game averages.


If Robinson was a full time starter, he definitely would’ve averaged a double-double. I understand that he might not have been in the position to be a full time starter, but why not give Robinson 24 minutes a game, let him get 8 points and 12 rebounds per game? Every time he is on the court he brings the most energy, heart and determination than any other player. He showed that in the NBA and definitely while he was playing at Kansas.

There were rumors that Robinson might get a contract with the Celtics but the Celtics passed and what a foolish mistake by the Celtics. A glaring weakness for the Celtics last year was rebounding and an energy guy off the bench. T Rob fills that role perfectly if used correctly.

It is a shame Robinson didn’t get a chance this year but here is the sweet part. Robinson just had a little daughter, he is still taken care of his little sister financially, and now has a family of his own. Robinson is going to get paid triple the amount in Europe than he is going to get paid in the NBA. While in Europe, he is going to dominate and prove that he deserves a chance. After this season, teams are going to come beg for Robinson to join their team, after he finally gets his shot in Europe. Robinson set himself up nicely with this move financially, personally and basketball wise because now he will get his chance to dominate.

Best of luck to T Rob. There isn’t an easier person to root for than him.

Rock Chalk!

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