Projected Yankees Post Season Line Up

Written By: Eric Pappas


Brett Gardner CF

Clint Frazier LF

Gary Sanchez C

Aaron Judge RF

Didi Gregorious SS

Matt Holliday DH

Starlin Castro 2B

Chase Headley 1B

Todd Frazier 3b


Brett Gardner LF

Jacoby Ellsbury CF

Gary Sanchez C

Didi Gregorious SS

Aaron Judge RF

Starlin Castro 2B

Chase Headley DH

Todd Frazier 3B

Greg Bird 1b


Aaron Hicks OF (if healthy)

Austin Romine C

Ronald Torryes

(Clint Frazier or Jacoby Ellsbury) depending on Starter

(Bird or Holliday) depending on Starter



Notable Omission from this Line-up is hot hitting Jacoby Ellsbury, his inconsistency shown throughout the year makes it smarter for the Yankees to put in the Right Handed Clint Frazier in instead. Another big batter in is Holliday over bird, this is just another matchup based play and Holliday is known for his Playoff Magic.


Jacoby is now in for Frazier and Bird in for Holliday. The big part of this Line-up though is that Ellsbury is batting second. He’s been hitting towards the bottom of the order during his hot streak but if he satys hot he and Gardner could become that dominate 1-2 punch they were 2 years ago again.

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