Ben Mcaddo calls out Eli Manning

Written by: Joe Ryan

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I wanna pull my damn hair out after listening and watching this but I rather just pull the stupid hair out of my favorite teams Head Coach. Seriously, who the hell do you think you are?! Dude, you’re not 17. Grow up and get a real man’s haircut!!! Stop acting that you’re cool and grow the hell up. It make me sick every time I see you on the sidelines now. My God, fix the Giants and fix your damn hair.

I have a lot of problems with that press conference. Ben Mcadoo, get a clue my guy and get it quick. In what world are we living in where it is okay to not criticize Ereck Flowers, but it’s okay to criticize a 2x Super Bowl MVP, a future Hall of Famer, and the best Quarterback to play for one of the most decorated franchises in NFL history?!?! MIND BOGGLING!!!

Mcadoo, you have accomplished NOTHING in your career to criticize Eli ‘Freaking’ Manning. Besides an 11 win season (which Mcadoo contributed nothing too, it was the defense, Odell and Eli) and a wild card berth, you have done nothing to criticize Eli. You’re mad at him for taking a delay of game on 4th down? Well guess what Mcadoo, not that this is right of Eli, but Eli takes more delay of games in the NFL than any quarterback that has ever played and ever will play. It happens with Eli! I don’t understand why, but at the moment in the game is not a time to teach Eli a lesson.

Oh, but I’m not blaming this on Eli, no way. I was at the game. Mcadoo took about 10-15 seconds to decide if he wanted to kick it or not, so that’s his fault for wasting so much time. You’re the head coach, you need to have every scenario in your head and act right away as it’s happening. Mcadoo did not. And you know what Mcadoo? How about you call a damn timeout and swallow your pride?! You know, if you really wanted to go for it on a crucial 4th down to get the game within 3, you would’ve really called a timeout instead of rushing the play anyway. But nooooooooo, let’s teach the quarterback (2x Super Bowl MVP) a lesson. What a jerk.

I swear I’m so done with Mcadoo. He’s had his chances, but he can’t call plays to save his life, he’s not creative and he threw my quarterback under the bus.

That’s my quarterback, man, that’s my quarterback.

*Que Terrell Owens Press Conference*


Okay, crying over but seriously, Mcadoo, you’re the worst for this and I’m really mad at you so….




  1. Mcadoo has cajones, really. Calling out Eli? Weren’t you the defensive coach, dude and now you can’t coach to save your life?! You’re lucky Eli has more class in his throwing arm than you have in your ENTIRE body. I’m not even a Giants fan. My team are the Patriots , you know the team that Eli, not YOU beat twice to win two super bowls. Smh.

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