Matt Harvey to start Wednesday on Short Rest- Mets are insane

“Matt Harvey will start on Wednesday on short rest. TC says he wanted to get back on the mound as soon as possible.” – Steve Gelbs Twitter


Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Twitter: @wingspansports


The Mets are insane. It’s just comical at this point. This franchise is literally just something else.

Why in the world is Matt Harvey pitching on short rest? I’m the BIGGEST Matt Harvey supporter in the world, I will defend that man to the day I die, but it seems like the Mets are like trying to ruin him. For starters they rushed him back from TOS (he should’ve came back in May, not April) and now they’re doing this to him? And then his first start from the DL you have him pitch against the Astros, the best team in the AL? Like, come on.

I get it, he only pitched 75 pitched in 2 innings on Sunday, but that’s not the point. He needs to rebuild arm strength, so that’s why the days in between start are so important, to get back onto a normal routine and stay on it.

It doesn’t matter how bad Harvey is for the rest of the season, this Mets season is over. This season is squarely to see how the young guys can play and for Harvey to get his confidence back for next season. I fully believe Harvey will be back next year to his dominant level. It takes a full year to get his strength back in his arm after TOS so as bad as he’s been this year, he’s shown signs of his old self. It hasn’t been a lot, but there has been some.

Listen, I’m a die hard Mets fan. If you put on the Mets uniform, I will support you forever. Matt Harvey has done a lot for this franchise. He was the one who started the turnaround. When he got called up in 2012, and started the All Star Game in Citi Field, it put the Mets back on the map. Harvey returned from Tommy John surgery in 2014 to help lead the Mets to the World Series in 2015 and Harvey was dominant all that year and in the postseason. The Mets don’t get to the World Series without Matt Harvey, so yeah, I will support this man. He’s my favorite player and if he returns to a fraction of his former self the Mets can be really good next year.

But moves like this by the Mets make no sense to me and I don’t understand it. Every day counts in the rehab assignment. Don’t rush it, be patient. Just trust the process and let Harvey come back on normal rest.

The Dark Knight will rise again. Show him support. If you’re a true die hard fan, you support the players in their highest of times and especially during the lowest of times.


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