Jets name Josh McCown starter

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @wingspansports (we follow back, shoot us a follow)

Ahh, the Jets just keep doing Jets things. In all honesty, this move makes no sense. None whatsoever. What is the point of starting McCown? A 38 year old quarterback who is a below average quarterback?

Listen, the Jets have a good defense. A really good defense. They just have no offense. And they have no quarterback. So obviously, they’re not supposed to win a lot of games this year and hoping to lose as many as possible really so they can get the #1 overall pick and draft Sam Darnold from USC. But do they need Darnold?

Obvious answer is, yes. No doubt about it. I’m not dumb. But what if they already have their QB of the future on their team? You know they do have 2 QB’s under the age of 26 on the roster. So how do they know that they won’t be good if the Jets want to start a 38 year old QB?

In all likely hood, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg is not the answer at QB, but if they started one of them, or both of them (8 games each) it’s a win- win for the Jets.

1. If neither of them are good, the Jets will lose 13-15 games and they will draft the top QB available.

2. If they are good, the Jets win 8 games and they have something to build off of and don’t need to waste a pick on a QB.

It’s really not smart. The Jets get no advantage of starting a 38 year old QB. He is not the answer for a “rebuild”‘season. This is a move done in the MLB. Bringing in some Vets until the young players are ready. In the NFL, it’s different. Throw the young QB into the fire, see what he’s got and if he’s got nothing Draft a QB. If he’s got something then you have an answer and building block.

Let McCown be the backup, mentor the young kids and be smart.

Starting a 38 year old QB when you’re trying to lose as many games as possible is not smart either. McCown is a veteran. He might win the Jets 6 games and they get a terrible pick and can’t get a QB.

I swear, the Jets need new management.

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