Finally, The Mets will get a real manager

Jon Heyman had a report the other day that Mets would most likely not be retaining Terry Collins for next season.  This would be the best case scenario for the New York Mets and if we can take away any positives from the season this would be it.  Listen the Mets  as a team had success while Terry was in charge but I am a firm believer Terry was a terrible manager the entire time here despite us making the World Series in 2015 and the playoffs in 2016.  His constant misuse  Of the bullpen and pitching staff severely hindered this team for years.  Also I firmly believe his treatment of younger players in terms of playing time and position in the batting order hurt the progress of guys.  Terry is a nice man and a baseball lifer but the game has passed him by and while the players did not quit on him I do not feel he got the best out of his guys at any point.  One of the biggest moves a baseball team can make is getting the right manager in when the talent is already there.  Just look at the Washington Nationals and the difference between Matt Williams and Dusty Baker when it comes to wins and losses for them.

The Mets are in a unique position heading into next season.  Number 1 they need a new manager if they do indeed decide to not resign Terry Collins.  Number 2 they need to revamp the pitching staff.  Number 3 they need to bolster third base, Center field, catcher, and second base. Lets look at what we can do for Number one on that list and that is new manager

We know Sandy Alderson is not going to hire a free thinking manager so that eliminates many guys off the list right off the bat including every fans favorite name to bring up when it comes to Mets future managers Wally Backman.  So these would be my top choices keeping in mind how Sandy and the Mets think.

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1) Ron Gardenhire-  He is currently serving as the Arizona Diamondbacks bench coach and it just so happens the D’backs are leading the wild card race right now.  This guy is a winner and took those Twins teams all those years to the playoffs with minimal talent due to the fact the Twins had one of the lowest payrolls in baseball while he was Manager there.  This guy has won 1,068 baseball games as a manager and has a manager of the year award and 4 second place finishes to go along with that.  Gardenhire played for the Mets during his playing days so he has Mets ties which is a nice touch.  I do not think he will command a monster salary so he is an ideal candidate.


2) Clint Hurdle-  Old school manager and a safe choice which is something I know Sandy is looking for.  Sandy Alderson believes that the manager should be an extension of the General Manager so Clint Hurdle is a solid choice.  Clint Hurdle also spent time playing for the New York Mets during his playing days.  Before taking the Pittsburg Pirate job he was also interviewed by the Mets but ended up with the Pirates.  Hurdle has shown the ability to get the most out of his teams and players and that is something the Mets desperately need.  Hurdle was able to get the most out of Josh Hamilton while being the hitting coach for the Rangers in 2009 and prior to that he took the Colorado Rockies to the World Series in 2007.  That season for the Rockies Hurdle led the team to an amazing end of the season comeback which concluded with them winning 13 out of their last 14 games and forcing a 1 game playoff vs the Padres which they won to get into the playoffs for only the second time in Rockies history.  Talk about a team not giving up !  He then took the Pirates to the playoffs in 2013 with the best record in baseball and got the Pirates into the playoffs each of the next 2 season.  He also has a manager of the year award under his belt.  Clint Hurdle has a great track record and is the type of manager Sandy Alderson looks for so the fact that his contract is up in Pittsburg and he is reportedly unhappy there he is a great selection.  I see him as Terry Collins on Steroids.


  1. Ray Ramirez has had a free pass for years time to revaluate that area of the team also no excuse for the amount of injuries but more importantly the type, I feel like a lot of these things could have been avoided.


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