Thank God Kristaps Porzingis is still a Knick-The Future is Bright


With the Kyrie Irving trade done I as a Knick fan am relieved big time.  With the amount the Celtics gave up for Kyrie it was clear the Knicks would have to give up KP and probably their first round pick to acquire Kyrie.  That would have been a huge mistake and a step in the wrong direction, so I am happy to see our front office being strong and not going after a big name at any cost.  The old Knicks would have done anything to get a Kyrie Irving and that is why we have only made the playoffs a handful of times in the last 20 years.   Right now the Knicks are actually in great shape heading into this season and here is why….

1) Our Young Core–  This team has a young core that is as good as any in the NBA.  This core is led by KP and is followed up by Willy Hernangomez, and Frank Ntilikina.  We have some other young players like Ron Baker and Damyean Dotson but those top 3 guys are what is going to restore the Knicks to being a respectable team.  KP will be a top 10 player in the NBA in due time. Willy is the perfect partner up front for a guy like KP due to his toughness, rebounding, and ability to pass.  Those 2 are going to cause a lot of problems for opposing front courts.  The third guy is Frank Ntilikina and I love him as a player for this team.  His defense is going to change this Knicks team and I guarantee every person who wanted Malik Monk or Dennis Smith Jr will have a change of heart as the season goes along.  I see Frank as a Kawhi Leonard type of player moving forward and it does not get much better than that

2) Carmelo Trade–  With Kyrie being traded the next man up is Carmelo to be traded.  He wants to go the Rockets and the Rockets want him so let’s make it happen.  No matter what we do we will get something back for Carmelo because at the end of the day he is a valuable player.    If I was the Knicks I would be holding out for Clint Capela, Isaiah Hartenstein and a future first round.  A combination of those players for Carmelo would add to our young core and if they do not want to do that we keep Carmelo.

3) If we Suck we win anyway–  If we are not a good team this year we get another lottery pick and add another young guy to the core.  Finally we have picks every season so we will be rewarded if we are not good so either way whatever happens this season we are winners.

Bottom line this is going to be a fun season to be a Knick fan.  We are much closer than everyone thinks to be contenders in the east.  If we need another season to mature and gel we have a first round pick to add another young player.  So if we lose we win, and if we win we win, what could be better than that for a fan ?


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