Time for Rest?

Written By: Eric Pappas

Twitter: @Eric_pappas_2

Aroldis Chapman is one of the best closers in baseball and has been for the last few years, however in the last month it has seemed that he has been in a funk that might be caused from overuse.

The smart thing for the Yankees to do is to shut him down until the middle of September. This move only works because of the depth the Yankees have in the bullpen where now proven closer and all-star David Robertson moves to the 8th inning role and Dellin Bettances moves to the Closer role where he has been spectacular in before. This move will rest Chapman for most of the remainder of the season and will get him to be fresh for the playoffs where he will be needed to help the Yankees make a deep playoff run and even try and help them win a championship.


  1. I am a GINORMOUS Yankees fan and have been since 1963. I’m wondering if Aroldis needs to do what John Smoltz did when he played for Atlanta , see a sports psychiatrist . Something is not right with him, he looks wicked lost on the mound and this is really affecting all aspects of his play. It’s sad. We need him if we’re going to challenge the Red Sox for first place .

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