Can LeBron James to the Knicks be a reality?

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

I know, I sound crazy. I know I sound like some delusional Knicks fan just waiting and hoping for this nightmare to turnaround. Waiting and hoping for a savior to come and save the Knicks. Waiting and hoping LeBron James joins the Knicks.

I obviously had this delusion of LBJ joining the Knicks for a long time because, well, I’m a Knicks fan. But for once, I think this is the time it actually makes sense and it could happen.


The idea came across my mind again when I got this notification from Bleacher Report.

Now, I have no idea if this is true or not. Not one clue. The guy who tweeted this guessed correctly on LeBron rejoining the Cavs in 2014, so maybe he has credibility. I don’t know.

But is it stupid to think that this can be a reality? And the team LeBron chooses in free agency is the Knicks?

Listen, the Cavs are a mess. Super talented but they’re a mess. Kyrie wants out, LeBron reportedly wants out, Coach Lue says some stupid stuff, and JR Smith does JR things. Management is dumb, the ownership is dumb for firing their GM RIGHT BEFORE free agency. Everything is dumb. Granted, it’s not even close to being dumber than the Knicks but it’s dumb.

Here’s my point…

Carmelo Anthony is still a Knick. He is not traded yet. If Carmelo Anthony is traded than all of this is over. LeBron will never be a Knick. I want to make that clear. Melo leaves, LBJ never comes. Okay?

BUT, if Melo stays in NY for one more year and LeBron loses again in the Finals to the Warriors, he’s leaving Cleveland. He is. He needs to find a new recipe to win. And I find it really hard to believe that LeBron would go to a Western Conference team. I find it very hard to believe. I know there are a ton of talented teams there and whoever he goes to in the West is a powerhouse but he’s not gonna face the Spurs, Timberwolves, Rockets, Warrors, Clippers, Blazers before the NBA Finals. NO WAY. Believe it or not, LeBron is getting older. He wants as many chances at a title as possible. And guess what? Wining 4 games against any of those teams is A LOT easier than winning 4 games against EACH of those teams. So he’s not going out West. He’s smarter than that.

Let’s move on now. What other Eastern Conference teams would he go to? Would he go back to the Heat? Ehhhh doubt it. Their roster is nothing special. Would he go to the Celtics? He can’t, they can’t afford him (unless they trade someone but I still can’t see him there). What about the 76ers? They got a great young core. WRONG. Why would LeBron want to be a mentor to an injury riddled team? No way. How about the Raptors? No shot he’s moving up to Canada. I can go on all day.

Now, it leaves the Knicks. The only, solid option out there in my honest opinion.

All it takes is one phone call and it goes like this.

Melo: “Yo LeBron”

LeBron: “What’s good Melo?”

Melo: “Hear me out, stick it out in Cleveland this year, I’ll stick it out in NY and you come play for us next year, we could be a force.”

LeBron: “Alright Melo, not a bad idea, I’ll sleep on it.”

BANG! LeBron gets the idea to come to the Knicks in his head, he talks to his camp, he talks to his agent and they present this to him.

New York is the best place to expand your brand. The city is in dire need of a basketball savior. LeBron would be looked upon as a God and he has a legit roster. Oh, and Phil Jackson is gone.

Then LeBron can look over what the Knicks roster would look like with him on it.

PG: Frank Ntilikina

SG: Tim Hardaway Jr.

SF: LeBron James

PF: Carmelo Anthony


Bench: Willy Hernangomez, Courtney Lee, Danyean Dotson, Lance Thomas, future top 14 pick (2018).

Find me a better starting 5 in the Eastern Conference with a solid bench like that. You can’t. It’s literally impossible. And don’t give me the Celtics because the Knicks would run circles around the Celtics with this lineup.

This would be year 4 of KP, year 2 of Frank, year 3 of Willy and Tim Hardaway Jr. entering his prime. And then you have one of the best scorers of all time in Carmelo Anthony and one of the best players to EVER play in LeBron James.

That’s a good freaking team.

Why would LeBron not want that? He plays in NY, with one of his best friends in the world. He can market his brand. He is looked up as a hero, AGAIN, now in a second city (a much bigger and better city) and a free pass to the NBA finals, in which they have a legitimate shot at beating the Warriors because

  1. LeBron James is still the best player in the word.
  2. He doesn’t need a scoring point guard to beat the Warriors and contend with Steph, he need a defensive Point Guard (Hello Frank)
  3. Who is going to guard that front court? Who’s guarding Melo? Who’s guarding LeBron? Who in the word is guarding KP?
  4. When LeBron needs a breather, in comes Lee and Dotson off the bench to nail some threes.
  5. What killed the Cavs the most against the Warriors? Rebounding. Hello Willy Hernangomez, KP and Lance Thomas.

It’s literally a perfect team. And did I mention that Phil Jackson is gone?!? There is no more dark cloud hanging over the Knicks head anymore.

Come to the Big Apple LeBron. We welcome you.


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