Marvin Bagley commits to Duke

Written by: Joe Ryan

Real quick here, just getting some thoughts down on this commitment.

  • Marvin Bagley is an absolute beast
  • Bagley will reclassify into the 2017 recruiting class
  • Bagley was good enough to be a top 5 pick in this years draft class (he was a Junior in high school)
  • Duke will certainly enter the preseason polls at #1
  • Duke now has the most talented roster (but not the deepest)
  • Duke will run out a big 3 of Bagley, Allen and Trevon Duval every night.
  • Duke is the favorites to win the ACC

Now those are just a few notes. Bagley is a beast. He can be a superstar in college in what will absolutely be his only year. We will update this blog in the very near future, but this Duke roster is one of the best rosters Duke has ever had. It looks great on paper but it has to translate on the court. Duke has big men, but they rarely play 2 big man in the court at the same time, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out come November.

More to come soon.

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