Top Fantasy Football Wide Receiver’s

Written By: Eric Pappas

1 Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has finished the #1 Fantasy Wide Receiver in the past 2 seasons and he has shown no signs that this will be the year that trend stops.

2 Odell Beckham Jr

Odell will only benefit from the addition of Brandon Marshall as now there is another top 20 Wide Receiver the defense will have to worry about and will only cause OBJ to have more open space.

3 Mike Evans

As the most targeted player in the NFL last season Evans was the 3rd Ranked WR and it can only get better as Winston will only get better and now with Desean Jackson take the safety’s off him it should make him have a chance to take over the #1 WR Spot.

4 Julio Jones

There is no disrespect to the work that Julio Jones has done the last 2 years as he has been amazing but with all the amazing games he has there is some games where he just looks lost out there and can coast through a half.

5 Aj Green

Green is one of the most consistent WR’s in the game and if he did not get hurt last year he probably would have put up the top 10 WR numbers he usually does so look for a healthy Green to get back to business as usual.

Sleeper: Eric Decker

With a bad QB in 2015 he had 1000 yards and 12 td’s so as long he recovers well from the hip and shoulder surgeries he had last year he is primed for a big bounce back year with a good QB in Mariota.

Bust: Michael Thomas

Thomas was routinely going against #2 corners last year as Brandin Cooks was drawing the #1 so it would not be weird to see a drop in the huge numbers he put up last year now that cooks is gone and he’ll be getting all the #1’s.

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