Subway Series Preview

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Twitter: @wingspansports

So, the Subway Series is finally here. For once, this year it looked like we were gonna get a Subway series that mattered. Two teams competing, at the end of the season in their respective leagues, for a playoff spot.

Unfortunately, that's not the case this year. The Yankees are headed towards the playoffs as the Mets look forward to 2018 after an injury riddled 2017.

In other words, the Mets suck and the Yankees are pretty good in 2017.

But that doesn't mean that this Subway Series isn't A) very important for both teams and B) Exciting to watch. So let's break it down.

Why it's important for the Yankees

Let's be honest, the Yankees have been slumping as of late. The bullpen has been collapsing, the big stars in the lineup *cough, cough, Aaron Judge, cough* have STUNK in the second half of the season and the Yankees hopes and dreams of an AL East title are slipping away. They still hold the AL wild card but it's only a 2 game lead. Anything can happen.

So this series is important for the Yankees. The Yankees NEED to get hot this series and what better way to do it than to your cross town rivals? Because I'm all seriousness, besides Tuesday's game, if the Yankees can't get hot against the Mets starting pitchers they can be in serious trouble. Say the Yankees lose 3 of 4, I think there season is over. I don't think they can respond from a brutal stretch of losses from the Red Sox and the Mets.

The hitters need to gain their confidence back, the bullpen needs to shut down games and the starting pitching can always be better, so it has to happen here and now, especially against a struggling Mets team.

Why it's important for the Mets

This has been a disappointment season. It happens in baseball. It's not that the roster sucked or anything like that. You can blame whoever you want but it wasn't one guy for the Mets failures this season. It was injuries. Let's just put it at that. Everyone got hurt. You can't blame anyone. It happens. Let's just keep watching and pick out the bright side for 2018. The young studs.

This may not be an important series for the Mets as a team, per say but an important series for some players. Listen, the Mets aren't going to the playoffs, they just aren't. Unless they go on an insane stretch of wins, the Mets won't be playing baseball in October. And that's fine. We can't get greedy as Mets fans lol. We had our 2 years. The future is still bright. But this is an important series for the young players. Michael Conforto. Dom Smith. Amed Rosario.

Finally, Conforto is back on the big stage, prime time baseball, against the Yankees. For the entire season it's been a debate, "who's better, Judge or Conforto?" At the time, Judge was killing baseballs and on his way to an MVP and Rookie of the Year. Now that he's cooled off and Conforto is red hot, the debate continues. I can't answer that question and the answer won't be decided in this series, but, Conforto has an opportunity here to grow as a leader, and a player and show the world that he is the best player in NY, even though he doesn't get the spotlight Judge gets.

This is also a good series for Rosario and Smith. The 2 young prospects, who are supposed to be studs for the Mets. They get a chance to play in front of a sold out crowd, on national TV, against a team in the playoff race, with a playoff atmosphere. That can play major dividends for Rosario and Smith heading into 2018 and hopefully heading into the 2018 playoffs.


Game 1: Yankees win 5-2

Game 2: Mets win 4-3

Game 3: Mets win 8-4

Game 4: Yankees win 6-3

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