Bryce Harper injured

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

This is just the worst. I'm a die hard Mets fan but this is just the worst. I feel terrible for stuff like this. Im praying it's nothing more than an hyper extension of the Knee, but this doesn't look good.


There is no way a leg and a knee should go like that. Trust me, I partially tore my ACL my senior of football and it hurt like a bitch and my knee did not bend like that so I can't even imagine the pain Bryce Harper is going through.

Harper is one of the most exciting, best young talents the MLB has seen. He is one of those once in a generation talents and he's having a career year this year, so it's a shame he's injured like this.

If it's the worst case scenario, Harper tore ligaments in his knee and will be out for a long period of time, including a large portion of next year. If it's a torn ACL, he's out until the All Star break, minimum, next year.

Best case scenario, in which everyone should pray for (even the die hard Mets fans, we don't wanna see this) it's just a hyper extended knee and he's back for the playoffs because the Nationals have no shot without him.

Keep it here for more updated regarding Harper when the news comes out.

UPDATE: no ligament damage to Bryce Harper's knee. Extremely bruised bone on the inside of the knee. No timetable for the return of Harper. Hopeful he can return for the end of the season or start of the postseason.

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