Tim Tebow is the Man

Written by: Joe Ryan

While playing in the St. Lucie Mets’ game against the Charlotte Stone Crabs on July 29, Tebow was standing in the on-deck circle getting ready for his at bat when he decided to go over to the stands and great an eager young fan.

The young fan, Seth Bosch, who has high-functioning autism, made his way down to the front row of the stands, reached through the protective netting and received a handshake from the former Florida quarterback. After shaking hands with Tebow, Bosch turned around to face his mom, who was filming the encounter, and raised his arm triumphantly. (Via New Post)

I'm over here going to a Kenny Chesney concert, trying to have a good night and I'm on the verge of tears. Scratch that, there are tears in my eyes. Scratch that again, I'm actually crying.

Tim Tebow is the freaking man, and if you're a person who is rooting for him to fail, well, you're a loser. Plain and simple.

How can you read that and not get emotional? How can you read that and not believe in God? Or believe that Tim Tebow and God have some type of special relationship? Like this is insane.

Tebow has already performed 2 miracles and than he just comes up here, just does a good deed, makes the highly functioning kids day, maybe his life, and then just casual steps up to the plate and jacks a 3 run Homerun? And there are legit human beings out there that are rooting against him? What kind of crazy pills do those people take?

So people legitimately want Tebow to fail as a baseball player? Look at all the lives he's touched because he is blessed to use the biggest platform in America to touch these people; sports.

Tim Tebow is my hero and by God, he should be everyone's hero. This is a mans man. A truly amazing person. I can't wait until he performs the biggest miracle of all….

Helping the New York Mets win a World Series.

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