The Jay Bruce Trade is better than we think after some review.


Written by: Bob Engelhard

The recent Jay Bruce trade has caused uproar in Mets land once again.  The reason behind this is this trade is seen as a salary dump and people love to jump on Sandy and the Wilpon family for being cheap.  Reports have said the Mets turned down a trade with the Yankees for 2 prospects and took the Indian Deal for Ryder Ryan because the Indians were also willing to take on all of Jay Bruce's remaining salary which was about 5 million dollars.  I woke up to Boomer and Carton saying we as Mets fans should be ashamed to be fans because of this deal.  Let me point out a few things before people go crazy over this.

  1. Jay Bruce is a free agent at years end-  We could have offered Jay Bruce a Qualifying offer and either had him for another season if he accepted or received a draft pick in compensation.  If we drafted a 22 year old relief pitcher who went to North Carolina and throws in the high 90's with great strikeout potential with the pick we got for Bruce everyone would be happy.  So basically we got another  power arm for the bullpen and we still have the ability to sign Bruce just like anyone else.  This trade simply adds another young arm to the system for a free agent who we can sign in the offseason if we want, whereas if we kept him and he resigned we would not get a draft pick or player so in this regard its a good move

2.  Ryder Ryan is not nothing in return-  When people see a 5 era in single A and 30th round draft pick they immediately think this guy is a bum without knowing a single thing about him or his situation.  Then they leap into the Mets being cheap and giving away a player to save 5 million dollars and not getting anything back.  Before you write an article saying the Mets traded Jay Bruce for nothing or we should be ashamed to be Mets fans at least know something about the guy we got besides 10 seconds of google research.  If you want to argue that the Yankees prospects would have been a better return or if you want to say if they paid Bruce's salary they could have got another prospect as well (which we do not even know to be true) that is fine.  Do not however call this a straight salary dump and get on Sandy and the Wilpon's without proper knowledge.  Sandy said he simply liked the Indians player better than the Yankees package regardless of the money and I believe him. Why do I believe him ? I believe him because Sandy Alderson has been a master of trades in his time with the Mets and very rarely do we get the short end of the stick so I will go with his opinion over most.

Ryder Ryan is in my opinion a nice pickup for Jay Bruce due to his upside.  Once you get past the 10 seconds of google research on who this guy is and dig a little I think most fans would agree.  Number one his ERA is high because he walks to many batters at this point and the reason he walks to many guys is he is still developing as a pitcher because in college he only pitched 2 innings total.  So he is 22 years old but in terms of his pitching life he is very young because he played third base at North Carolina and did not pitch.  The reason he was drafted however as a pitcher is because he throws in the upper 90's and has great swing and miss stuff which is evident in his minor league numbers as he has 49 K's in 41 innings pitched.  The other nice thing is this guy has very little wear and tear on his arm due to the limited innings he has thrown at this point in his life. He was talked about as a 3rd or 4th round pick but dropped to the 30th round because of signability cocnerns.   The Mets do a good job developing pitchers so I will take this kid's upside and power arm any day of the week.

Bottom line is this kid has the stuff to be a good big league reliever and he will take some time developing but for a free agent Jay Bruce I think we did well.

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