Top 5 Fantasy QB’s

Written By: Eric Pappas

1 Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the best all-around Quarterback in the NFL has crazy depth at WR and added a good TE in Martellus Bennett only to make him better.

2 Tom Brady

Has been so consistent throughout his whole career and has more weapons right now then it seems he’s ever had, but age might finally be catching up to him as he’s now hit the 40 mark.

3 Matt Ryan

Last year’s MVP has one of the best weapons in football in Julio Jones has a great 2 headed monster at RB and will look to finally stay consistently great.

4 Cam Newton

Last year was a bad year for Newton and his line still isn’t great but they added some good weapons that should let Newton get back to being a top fantasy QB.

5 Drew Brees

It hasn’t mattered who’s been on the field with Brees because he’s because he has always put up big numbers and this year should be no different even with the loss of Cooks

Sleeper: Jameis Winston

Tampa’s offense is loaded and Jameis is ready to have a big year, and should improve on the already good year he had last year with the additions of Desean Jackson and OJ Howard.

Bust: Blake Bortles

It doesn’t matter who the Jaguars add on offense, because with Bortles behind center they will go nowhere he throws way too many Interceptions to be your QB1 and you have to try and bank on garbage time TD’s to get any points out of him.

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