Mitchell Robinson to visit Kansas

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self won't have much time to shake off whatever jet lag hits from his return from Italy to the United States this week, and it appears it will be important that he do so.

According to Matt Scott of 247 Sports site, five-star Class of 2017 prospect Mitchell Robinson plans to make an unofficial visit Lawrence this weekend.

Robinson, a McDonald's All-American who recently left Western Kentucky after his godfather, a member of the WKU coaching staff, resigned and now the No. 8 player in the 2017 Class according to is looking for a new school. (Via

Blog never sleeps. Not even on my birthday. I will do whatever it takes to make Wingspan huge so that requires me blogging on my birthday. No big deal. That's fine. Whatever. I'll do it. Can't knock the hustle.

So, quick one because it is my birthday and I got stuff to do, people to see and we'll I wanna enjoy this day.

So Mitchell Robinson is visiting Kansas. Robinson is obviously the best transfer on the market for sure. He's a 5 star recruit and hasn't played a game in college yet so technically he's still a recruit who hasn't committed anywhere but that's not true. Robinson enrolled at Western Kentucky and took summer classes there. He was eligible to transfer but now he needs an NCAA waiver to play in the 2017-2018 season. Something the NCAA probably may or may not grant him, but they might and we hope they do.

So Robinson will be in Lawrence this weekend visiting the Jayhawks. And if, IF, Robinson can play this season what a major upgrade he would be for the Jayhawks.

The Jayhawks only have 3 front court players, Udoka, Billy Preston and Mitch Lightfoot. Now, those 3 players are good but the depth is nothing. If one of them go down, the Jayhawks only have 2 big guys. Now, regardless Kansas is going to play with a 4 guard lineup in a lot of situations but if they land Robinson and he's eligible to play, they won't have too.

Kansas will immediately upgrade their roster and there team, and it might make them the best roster in the NCAA. Kansas already has the best backcourt in the country and their wings are phenomenal so if they get Robinson, this roster will be one of the best in the country and by a long shot.

Robinson, might not start right away but he'll get his 25+ minutes per game. He's a beast on the boards and someone can desperately needs going into the season.

Now it's a long shot he's a Jayhawk, but it's a shot at least.

Now I'm going back to my birthday.

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