Jay Cutler signs with the Dolphins

Written by: Joe Ryan

Oh baby!! He is back!

Jay Cutler is freaking back. NFL fans get one more season of goofy Cutler gifs, funny untimed pictures of Cutlers face, CRAZY interceptions and a good Quarterback.

Now it may not be the most appetizing and most sexy pick to be the quarterback for the Dolphins next season, but it would be smart for the Dolphins to bring in Jay Cutler if Ryan Tannehill is out for the year. Now if Tannehill is not out for the year, just have Moore play until Tannehill comes back but if Tannehill is done for the year why not bring in Cutler?

Cutler is a serviceable Quarterback who has a great down the field arm which is great for Jarvis Landry. Cutler would have the assets around him to light up the scoreboard in Miami.

Also, Cutler's best seasons of his career came while he was in Chicago and Adam Gase was his offensive coordinator. So Cutler would be going into an offense that he's already familiar with, has better options, and warm weather which provides major advantages for a quarterback who is a gun slinger.

So why not take a chance on a QB who has done well in the NFL, is a veteran on a young team, has a top receiver and running back and has playoff experience? If I'm the Dolphins and Tannehill is out for the year, I would 100% take a chance on Cutler.

Cutler can easily lead this Dolphins team to the playoffs, especially in a weaker AFC this year. Now, the AFC East is already locked up with the Patriots winning it but in all honesty the Dolphins can easily still get a Playoff Berth as a wild card team. They have the talent, they have the coach, and now they have a quarterback who knows and already has one games late in the season. This is a great signing for the Dolphins. Cutler is going to leave it all out on the field, he's got nothing to lose. Why not take a chance on him?


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