Ryan Tannehill season in Jeopardy; who should the Dolphins bring in as the Quarterback?

Less than a week before their preseason opener, the Dolphins may find themselves on the hunt for a starting quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill, whose 2016 season ended prematurely when he suffered a partial tear of his left ACL, reinjured the same knee on a noncontact play in Thursday’s practice. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported late Thursday night that the Dolphins “fear Tannehill will need season-ending … surgery,” with a final call to come soon.

The injury occurred as Tannehill scrambled to his right during an 11-on-11 drill. He planted his left leg to make a cut near the sideline, then crumpled to the turf. (Via Sports Illustrated)

Written by: Joe Ryan

Not the best news for the Miami Dolphins, let's be real. Tannehill went down with an injury last season right before the playoffs. It happened as soon as it looked as if the Dolphins were getting over the hump. Tannehill had a partial Torn ACL when he got hurt before the playoffs, never got it repaired and now with a "non-contact" injury so who knows what the Dolphins are looking at with Tannehill this year? Is it a fully torn ACL? Is it just a hyper extended knee? Can he come back this season? Is he out for the year? These are questions that still need to be figure out.

But, is the Dolphins season in jeopardy now that Tannehill is out? Not necessarily.

The Dolphins still have options. One internally and one externally and options they definitely need to consider.

Option Internally: Matt Moore

Matt Moore is probably the best and most serviceable backup quarterback in the NFL. So the Dolphins already have a serviceable quarterback to lead there team. The Dolphins already have a solid roster and with Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry leading the offense all the Dolphins really need is a quarterback who will get them the ball and won't turn the ball over to much.

Enter, Matt Moore.

Moore is a very intelligent quarterback with a very high football IQ. Granted he is not the best QB in the world but he does the right thing in the field and doesn't tune the ball over often. A career backup QB with some starting experience, Moore has thrown 41 TD's and 31 INT's. A solid TD:INT ratio for a QB who doesn't see the field often. Even last year, in 4 games, Moore threw 8 TD's to 3 INT's. So Moore can definitely get the job done. Figure Moore starts the entire season and plays 16 games, there is a legitimate change he can throw 21 TD's and 10 INT's in a season. Now is that likely? Probably not. But in Head Coach Adam Gase's system and a system Moore has known how entire career, i don't see why it can't be feasible. Moore can lead the already talents Dolphins roster to a playoff berth.

Option Externally: Jay Cutler

Now it may not be the most appetizing and most sexy pick to be the quarterback for the Dolphins next season, but it would be smart for the Dolphins to bring in Jay Cutler if Ryan Tannehill is out for the year. Now if Tannehill is not out for the year, just have Moore play until Tannehill comes back but if Tannehill is done for the year why not bring in Cutler?

Cutler is a serviceable Quarterback who has a great down the field arm which is great for Jarvis Landry. Cutler would have the assets around him to light up the scoreboard in Miami. Also, Cutler's best seasons of his career came while he was in Chicago and Adam Gase was his offensive coordinator. So Cutler would be going into an offense that he's already familiar with, has better options, and warm weather which provides major advantages for a quarterback who is a gun slinger.

So why not take a chance on a QB who has done well in the NFL, is a veteran on a young team, has a top receiver and running back and has playoff experience? If I'm the Dolphins and Tannehill is out for the year, I would 100% take a chance on Cutler.

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