Where will Mitchell Robinson end up?

Written by: Joe Ryan

So the 5 star, prized, McDonald All American, super talented recruit , Mitchell Robinson shocked the world when he announced he was heading to Western Kentucky to play basketball for what would probably be a one and done year. Dominate in the Conference USA and then bolt for the NBA.

But now the prized recruit is shocking the world again. And this time, Western Kentucky fans will not like it. Mitchell Robinson is transferring from Western Kentucky before he even stepped foot on the court.

So where is Mitchell Robinson going to play basketball next season? Well no one really knows but I'm going to try and break down every option he has.

*Robinson can only play in the NCAA in the 2017-2018 season if the NCAA committee grants him a waiver*


Robinson has been eyeing LSU from the very beginning and it was between LSU and WKU when he made his final decision. But I guess not picking LSU is something Robinson regrets because it is being reported that Robinson is still in love with the idea of going to LSU. It would not be shocking if Robinson chooses his second option after his first option didn't pan out.

Prediction: 45%


A school that wasn't originally on Robinson's radar but it sure is now. We all know how Coach Cal works and it wouldn't be shocking at the very least if Cal can come in swinging and sign Robinson. Kentucky will be loaded again as they are headlines by Kevin Knox, Hamidou Diallo and Jarred Vanderbilt. Throw Robinson in that mix and Kentucky can be pushing for the #1 ranking heading into the season.

Prediction: 15%


A great way for Robinson to just get out of the college game for good and make some money. Let's be real, this whole Robinson college hoops scenario has been a mess since it's started. If you're going into you're freshman year of college and you're a top recruit, you don't want to make as much headlines as Robinson has so far. So why not go overseas or in the G league, play for a year and than qualify for the draft? If would be a smart move but he won't get as much exposure as he would in college. That could make him fall in the draft and lose millions of dollars from it.

Prediction: 35%


The most unlikely scenario of all but could be the smartest. Kansas has a scholarship open after Jack Whitman decided to quit the program. So Kansas only has 3 real big men on their roster. Coleby and Bragg transferred and Whitman quit. So that leaves Udoka Azibuke, Mitch Lightfoot and Bill Preston (who really is like a 3 instead of a 4). So if Robinson comes to Kansas he can immediately compete for a starting position but worst comes to worst he's going to get a lot of playing time and a lot of exposure. So, it would smart for Robinson to consider Kansas.

Prediction: 5%


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