Amed Rosario’s Time is Finally Here

Written by: Joe Ryan

The New York Mets are promoting shortstop Amed Rosario from Triple-A, general manager Sandy Alderson said Monday.

Alderson said the timing was decided about six weeks ago, and that the team wanted to get past Monday’s trade deadline before bringing up Rosario.

Rosario is the top-ranked prospect in Major League Baseball, according to ESPN’s Keith Law. Rosario will make his big league debut Tuesday against the Colorado Rockies and will be in the starting lineup. (Via



Well, it’s about freaking time. The Mets top prospect and the MLB’s second overall best prospect, Amed Rosario is finally coming up to the Big Apple and will debut for the New York Mets on Tuesday in Colorado.

It definitely took long enough. Rosario started in the Mets organization at the young age of 16 and from then on there he just continued to get better and dominate the minor league level. He is widely considered one of the best prospects in baseball, if not the best one.

Now the Mets already screwed up with Rosario. What else is new? He should’ve been called up in May when the Mets were still in contention. Now the Mets are 9 games out of the Wild Card and an infinity games out of the NL East first places, so this move is strictly just to see how good Rosario can be for the 2018 season. If the Mets called up Rosario (you know this young, stud shortstop, a position the Mets desperately needed to fill) in May, this season could’ve been a lot different. Now Mets fans will only tune in to see if Rosario and Dom Smith are good enough to have this team in contention in 2018.

Rosario is batting .328 with 7 homeruns, 58 RBI’s and 19 stolen bases in 94 games this season so far. Just an absolute beast. Now will those numbers translate to the Majors? If he was playing for ANY other organization in baseball I would say those numbers are actually going to improve, but since it’s the Mets, who really knows? In all seriousness, I think Rosario’s stats will match his minor league stats just because he is a total beast and a monster of a prospect, but look at what Terry Collins did to Michael Conforto. Conforto is the Mets only All-Star and he still has to platoon with Granderson at times. So what makes people think the same won’t happen with Rosario? Conforto had to fight every day, every at bat, treat it like his last, to earn a spot in the lineup, even though he is our best player this year. Rosario is going to have to do the same, unfortunately.

However, Mets fans look on the bright side. It’s time to get hyped. The Mets just traded Reed and Duda and restocked their bullpen for the future, they added AJ Ramos and now Amed Rosario and Dom Smith are coming to the majors. The Mets are still a solid team and hopefully if Rosario and Smith play up to par, there is a lot to look forward to in 2018. This is the first step towards more success.

Welcome to the show Amed Rosario. I hate to put this on you, but please save our franchise!

Mets fans…. Don’t be surprised, be ready…. when you watch how good Rosario is.


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