Wacha To The Yankees?

Written By: Eric Pappas

While Michael Wacha doesn’t have the hype he used to have around him after a disastrous 2016 and a slow start to 2017 he has shown he still has the stuff left in him to be a dominate pitcher, for example his complete game shutout against the Mets. This would be a good guy to go after for the Yankees as the Cardinals look to be selling as they fade out of playoff contention and a healthy combo of Luke Weaver and Alex Reyes are begging to take Wacha’s Spot. While Wacha is still young and has years of team control left  so he won’t come for nothing but he would come for significantly less than Sonny Gray who when you look into the numbers is a similar pitcher to Wacha.

The Trade:

Dustin Fowler and Dillion Tate for Wacha


Why this Trade works:

Dustin Fowler Projects as a 20/20 player in the MLB but is out for the year with a knee injury but as the Cardinals are looking to sell they won’t need him for this year, while they can let a hot Tommy Pham ride out the season and hope they can get a team to bite on him in the offseason. Dillion Tate is a former 3rd overall pick who is working out his kinks and might become a bullpen arm in the Majors which is what the Cardinals could use with all the troubles they have had this year. Now for the Yankees this gives them a solid arm who is proven in the post season and can eat innings to get to their stacked bullpen.

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