Is it time to let go of Mateo?

Written by: Eric Pappas

Jorge Mateo has been a top prospect for the Yankees for the past 3 years and has risen to be a top 50 prospect in the MLB by while he looked like he would be the likely future at SS the Yankees needed a filler and they traded for now 27 year old Didi Gregorious and he has blossomed into a middle of the line-up hitter and great fielder and at 2B the Yankees traded for Starlin Castro who is also 27 has regained his all-star form also blocking him there. While you may think he could try and play 3B they traded for an even better SS prospect Gleyber Torres who has been switched to 3B and has fast tracked Mateo in the system. Now knowing the background you can see there is really no need for Mateo in the Yankees system right now and with his high standing prospect status he should be able to command a good pitcher.

Trade Prediction:

Jorge Mateo, Albert Abreu, and Tyler wade for Sonny Gray

Why the Trade makes sense:

Mateo will fit well as the 2B compliment to Franklin Barreto and Albert Abreu will be a live arm that is yet to be seen as a closer or a starter yet in the Majors and Tyler Wade will be the perfect utility player Billy Beane loves to have and Sonny Gray will shore up the Yankees Rotation that was just devastated with the loss of Pineda.

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