Damon Harrison compares Eli Manning to LeBron James; and he’s right 

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Okay before for you flip out reading the headline, read what Harrison said about the comparison. He’s right. 

“Eli, when you look at Eli, it’s kind of like when you look at LeBron [James],” Harrison said. “I’m not saying they’re the same, but look at Eli’s numbers. If any other quarterback would have those numbers it would be an amazing year. But it being Eli, no one is respecting it much like we do LeBron. LeBron could average 30 [points], 15 rebounds and 12 assists and it’s like ‘he didn’t do enough.’ (Via NFL.com)

LeBron gets the most heat by any professional athlete of all time and it makes ZERO sense. Won multiple championships, arguably best player to ever play, makes his team better, great locker room guy, in the top 10 in almost ever meaningful statistical category, never done drugs, never caught doing any illegal action, never arrested, just a good, overall guy who wins. And he gets blamed?!?! For what?!

Besides being one of the best to ever play, read what was just written about LeBron. Does that sound familiar? Oh yeah I’m pretty sure Eli Manning is in the Top 10 in almost every Quarterback statistical category, never arrested, never done drugs, won multiple titles, great locker room guy and great teammate. 

Now OBVIOUSLY LeBron and Eli are no where close to the greatness they carry in their respective sports. LeBron has a case to be one of the best players to ever play, even though both will be Hall of Famers in their respective sports after both being selected #1 overall in their respective drafts. LeBron has a clear advantage over any current athlete in the world not named Tom Brady. 

But if you look at Eli’s stats (besides the 2013 season) and Eli’s career numbers it’s insane to think that people criticize him. Besides a handful of teams (Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Packers) teams would KILL for their quarterback to put up the numbers an titles Eli Manning has had. But he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, just like LeBron. 

LeBron can win every title for the next 5 years and people will still criticize him and say he isn’t that good. Eli can win the next 5 Super Bowls and people will say that his defense carries him just like his first 2 Super Bowls (that argument really bothers me because 1. Football is a team game, need the defense to play well, obviously. 2. The defense allowed the Patriots to score in the final minutes and Eli has to go down on a 2 minute drive to win the Super Bowl TWICE. His defense failed him when it mattered)

Is it a great comparison between athletes? No, it’s not. That’s no secret. But if both athletes had career, amazing years would they still get criticized for “not doing enough”. Yes, absolutely and it’s stupid. You’re talking about 2 future hall of famers who anyone would hope one of their players careers turns out to be like these 2. That’s what Harrison was referring too. Not the athlete but the heat and criticism these hall of famers take for no reason. 

Obviously Eli is nowhere near his prime but that’s what happens with “Father time” and LeBron is still dominating the NBA. But in Eli’s prime, he was a consistent Top 7 NFL Quarterback and a multiple time Super Bowl winning quarterback. The fact that Dak Prescott is rated the 14th best player in the NFL after 1 year and a 2 time Super Bowl winning quarterback isn’t in the top 100, just out of respect, is insane!

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