Joel Embiid continues to be the GOAT; says ‘F**K you’ to Lavar Ball


Written by: Joe Ryan (twitter: @joeryan1621)

Twitter: @wingspansports


The King stays King

The GOAT stays GOAT

The Process stays Processing


Joel Embiid is literally the funniest basketball player in the world, hell, he might be the funniest human in the world. There is no filter with this man. Just look at his twitter, or his Instagram lives, or even what he does on the court. The dude is hilarious, and he doesn’t give a shit what anyone says about him.

So, i don’t know if anyone knows this but Joel Embiid hates Lonzo Ball and HATES Lavar. On draft night, these tweets were sent out by Ben Simmons and then quoted by Embiid.




I’m telling you, there is no filter with this guy. I freaking love it. This is what the NBA needs.

And then, Embiid goes on his Instagram live the other night, sees a caption on Lavar Ball and literally says into the phone, with thousands of people watching, “F**k Lavar Ball”



He doesn’t care about anything. He doesn’t care about getting fined, he doesn’t care about getting in trouble, he doesn’t care what the Ball family thinks of him, he doesn’t care and it’s freaking awesome.

Can you imagine LeBron went on his Facebook live and said this about Lavar Ball? We all know LeBron is thinking it but can you imagine he said it? Can you imagine the backlash and hate LeBron would get?

This is what makes Joel Embiid the GOAT. JoJo can say this stuff and get praised for it and people die of laughter. Name one other basketball player who can do that?

And what’s going to make it even better? The 76ers are actually going to be good this year and they have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.

Can you imagine how wild Embiid is going to be when the 76ers get good?

Can you imagine if and when Joel Embiid wins a title in Philadelphia in a few years? That place is going to be a freaking party and I want front row action.

And you know what? With the amount of things Lavar Ball says, someone ought to say what Joel said. I hope Lavar responds because that will be classic.

Part 2 of this blog will be posted when Lavar responds, because that’s a given. And the funny thing is? I actually don’t hate Lavar Ball. But no one and I mean no one, could be as good as Joel “The Process” Embiid.
UPDATE: via TMZ Sports



What a weak response by Lavar Ball. Like you seriously couldn’t come up with anything better than that? Just questioning the guys intellectual ability when Embiid is from another country? Weak.


If you’re gonna criticize Embiid at least criticize his basketball game. I don’t think Embiid cares about his English. Actually I know for a fact he doesn’t care because after reading multiple articles while Embiid played at Kansas, Bill Self use to say every time Embiid would mess up in practice he would use the the excuse he doesn’t speak good English (even though he understand and speaks it very well). I mean Embiid is the GOAT for doing that. A literal get out of jail free card in basketball terms.


All Lavar Ball says his how he’s better than Michael Jordan and Lonzo is already better than Steph Curry. So all he talks about is  basketball. So if you’re gonna respond to Embiid and not criticize his game, that’s weak. But I guess you can’t critique Embiids game because there is nothing to critique. Guy plays 31 games and almost wins Rookie of the Year. Unbelievable talent.


Yes Embiid has been hurt, but Lavar doesn’t realize Embiid is as healthy as he’s ever been and about to dominate the NBA and the dude attacks his English? Weak, weak move.

Grading Lavar Balls comeback: C-

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