Phil Jackson fired; LaLa Anthony back in the fold; are the Knicks back?

Written by: Joe Ryan (twitter: @joeryan1621)

This is going to be a short blog, just get some thoughts down on this glorious day of the New York Knicks. The best day Knicks fans had in a long, long time. 

Okay, call me crazy but are the Knicks freaking back or are the Knicks freaking back?

Like maybe not totally back because we still suck (for now) and James Dolan is still our owner but like somewhat back in which that we’re back to relevance again. 

Phil Jackson is fired thanks to WOJ bomb reporting the news at 3:25 in the morning. This is just a huge win for the Knicks. We get the massive dark cloud that is pouring on the Knicks out of here. It’s not sunny yet but with the power of the 7’3″ unicorn on our team, the sun is starting to peak out a little bit. The Knicks have so many different directions they can go in here. Do they go after recently fired Cavs GM David Griffin? Do the Knicks trust the Process and go after Sam Hinkie? Do the Knicks hire within? Either way it’s going to be better than Phil Jackson. Right? Like it can’t get any worse than Phil.

Also, this is a strong move by James Dolan, literally firing Phil Jackson 4 days before the start of free agency. Maybe free agents won’t say no to the Knicks right away. Phil is not here criticizing the Knicks players anymore, I’m sure they’re going to throw away the Triagle once Phil cleans out his office and now anything is possible. 

Also, it’s being reported that LaLa won’t divorce Carmelo and this is just another huge win. Again, I love Melo and I know we haven’t been good for a good 3 years but I always loved that Melo had a nice family that stuck together. So now if Carmelo is still a Knick next year, he has his wife back, he’s got his family back, Phil Jackson is gone, and since for the last few months Melo was all alone he’s been training like an animal. Put all those together and what do you get?

Carmelo Anthony; 2018 MVP (just let me dream, okay? Lay off me)

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