Predicting major award winners for the NBA

Predicting NBA awards

By: @joeryan1621 (twitter)

So, the day has finally come. It seemed as if the NBA just completely forgot about the annual awards and that they weren’t going to announce them. But the NBA decided to make an award show for the awards and personally I don’t like it. Is the MVP supposed to make a speech the night he receives the award? He shouldn’t have to rush. It should be how it always is. Announce the award, allow the new MVP to collect their thoughts, invite their family, friends, teammates and anyone else close to them to the ceremony and give a speech in front of them not in a room full of strangers and media. But whatever, at least as fans we get to see who wins these awards.

I’m going to break down and predict who wins the 5 major awards, 6th man, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and obviously, MVP.

6th Man:

The Finalists: Eric Gordon (Houston), Lou Williams (Los Angeles/Houston), Andre Iguodala (Golden State)

In my opinion, the 6th man is an award for a player who does the most for their team and who impacts their team the most without getting the recognition they deserve. With that said, Lou Williams has had an incredible season, but he did it for two teams. He impacted them both greatly, but he didn’t impact enough to win the award because he didn’t play enough games for either team.

Eric Gordon had an incredible year. Andre Iguodala also had an incredible year but the way both impacted their teams, this decision is a toss up. Iguodala was on a much better team and his defense really helped the Warriors. On the other hand, Gordon was asked to do more offensively and defensively for the less talented Rockets.

Winner: Eric Gordon (Houston)

Coach of the Year:

The Finalists: Mike D’Antoni (Houston) Gregg Popovich (San Antonio), Erik Spoelstra (Miami)

This is the toughest award to give out. All three of these coaches had phenomenal years, and all of them are deserving of this award. But this award is Coach of the Year, not “how good is your roster and coaching them to the playoffs” award. This is what coach got the most out of his players day in and day out. Now every coach did that but there was one coach who really stood out.

Erik Spoelstra should win this award, but will he? The Heat started the season 11-30, on pace for a top 5 pick in the draft and just a rebuild season. Spoelstra didn’t let his team quit and coached them to a 30-11 record falling one game shy of a playoff berth. That’s extraordinary coaching, especially with the roster he had. Again, this is coach of the year. Who coached the best throughout the season? That’s how you determine that award.

Winner: Erik Spoelstra (Miami)


Defensive Player of the Year:

Finalists: Rudy Gobert (Utah), Draymond Green (Golden State), Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio)

In my opinion, the second best award that’ll be given out. The DPOY is always so underappreciated because of how the NBA is being played now. All offense. But without the defense the NBA has no hope.

Draymond Green is winning this award. He was runner-up in 2015 and 2016 to Kawhi Leonard and there is no way he does’t win it this year. It is long overdue for Draymond. Statistically he has put up the same defensive numbers since he joined the league and if it wasn’t for Kawhi, Green would win this award every year. Draymond just gets after it, day in and day out.  The NBA won’t give the award to Kawhi for 3 straight years, would they?

Winner: Draymond Green (Golden State)


Rookie of the Year 

Finalists: Joel Embiid (Philadelphia), Dario Saric (Philadelphia), Malcom Brogdon (Milwaukee)

This is a tough one to predict. After missing 2 full years, Joe Embiid burst onto the scene and had a case to be an All-Star this year, He played 31 games, averaged close to 21 points and 8 rebounds per game and 2 blocks. He was just a beast. But since his knee was aggravating him, he was shut down for the year and only played 31 games. That’s what will hurt Embiid in winning this award.

Saric and Brogdon also had very good years. Nothing close to Embiid but promising seasons for rookies. It really is a toss up. Brogdon might have an edge because his team went to the playoffs but that shouldn’t matter. Saric statistically had a better season, but on a worse team. But Saric is a beast and I think Brogdon just had better options around him.

Winner: Dario Saric (Philadelphia)



Finalists: Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City), James Harden (Houston), Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio)

Okay, this should be no debate I’m sorry. Russell Westbroom had one of the best, if not the best, NBA seasons of all time!!


That’s insane! He brought one of the worst rosters in the NBA to the 6th seed in the Western Conference. Don’t talk to me about Harden had more wins. Look at his roster. Put Westbrook in Houston and they are just as good, if not better. Put Harden on the Thunder? I can’t say the same.

Again, Russell Westbrook had 42 triple doubles. He was insanely clutch towards end of games. All you have to do is watch Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals between the Spurs and Rockets and you can see why Harden is not MVP worthy. He quit on his team, teammates and city. Terrible look for an “MVP”. Westbrook would never let that happen, especially in an elimination game.

Harden shouldn’t even finish 2nd. Leonard had a much better all around season than Harden. Leonard torched Harden in the playoffs and if it wasn’t for the 42 triple doubles, this award would be Kawhi’s.

Winner: Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City)



  1. Maybe I’m partial , but I just like the Nhl Awards so much better and as a matter of fact , I was just at the awards show in Las Vegas up until last week . The Nhl Awards are more fan friendly and you can get up close and personal to the players . They pose for pictures without the feeling that you’re a nobody, which is what it seems like with the NBA players.

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