What should the Knicks do on Draft Night?

The NBA draft is this Thursday, and the Knicks hold the 8th overall pick. Even though the Knicks were projected to get the 7th overall pick, the basketball Gods, yet again, were not shining down on the Knicks. Moving down from 7 to 8 is a bigger deal than people think. Teams don’t find the 8th overall pick to attracting and teams rather make a deal with the Timberwolves for 7 than the Knicks for 8. But at this point in time, it is what it is and this is our pick. So what should the Knicks do with the 8th overall pick? Who should they draft with it? Do they even keep it?


Option A:

Trade the 8th overall pick and Carmelo Anthony to the Boston Celtics.

Now, obviously the Knicks need to get younger and rebuild even more. They have a solid front-court with KP and Willy Hernangomez. They look like solid pieces to build for the future. The Celtics are obviously looking to trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George. Those are there two main guys. But if the Celtics can’t acquire anyone, do the Knicks call the Celtics about Carmelo? I love Melo and I’m the biggest Melo defender in the world. I don’t think any of this organizations turmoil is because of him. He is still a top 15 player in this league, one of the best pure scorers to ever play and a piece for a championship contending team. If the Celtics can’t get George or Butler, why would they not offer the 3rd pick and a player like Avery Bradley for the 8th overall pick and Carmelo? The Celtics get their star and they don’t have to give up any future assets. The Celtics already have a loaded back court so the lose of Bradley won’t affect them and they have a chance to build a team that can compete with the Cavs. Carmelo always plays his best against LeBron and that’ll be beneficial in the playoffs.

For the Knicks, this trade makes sense. Avery Bradley is one of the most underrated guards in this league. He is a helluva defender (which the Knicks desperately need) and a good scorer for the 2 guard position. Understandably, we still have Courtney Lee but the Knicks can either trade Lee for another pick or it’ll just increase our depth and there is nothing wrong with that. With the 3rd overall pick the Knicks have a bunch of options. They can replace Melo right away by drafting Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum. I would prefer Jackson because he is a do it all wing player but Tatum is just as talented.

In this scenario, the Knicks get younger, they have a bright future with players like Josh Jackson, KP, Hernangomez and Bradley leading the way and they get much needed cap relief from Carmelo’s contract.

Option B:

Keep the pick.

I don’t want Carmelo gone. Like I said, he’s not the problem but I understand if the Knicks parted ways. However, who was the best point guard Carmelo has ever played with while in NY? 19 games of Jeremy Lin? And who was the best point guard Melo has played with in his career? A 37 year old Allen Iverson? And he won 50 games with AI in Denver. The point is, all Melo needs is a solid point guard, who can take the offense weight off Melo’s shoulder and drive the paint and dish it out to out 3 point shooters. The Knicks tried that with Derrick Rose but let’s be real, it only worked when Rose was being unselfish. Rose would try to drive the paint but would try a contested layup instead of dishing it out to Lee, Holiday or Melo for 3. However, for once, the Knicks are lucky. Why? Because there are two guards, in this draft class, that have a solid offensive repertoire, who get into the lane, love to push the tempo, finish at the rim and  love to pass first. Bingo. Just what Melo and the Knicks need. Those 2 guards? Dennis Smith Jr from NC State and Frank Ntilikina, the young point guard from France. In all honesty, either of these players are good enough fro me. I would prefer Ntilikina over Smith just in the slightest because he is has a 7′ wingspan (no pun intended, okay yes it was, back off me. Wingspansports.com) and can defend multiple positons. Ntilikina defense, according to “experts” is better than Smith’s and the Knicks can use a 6’5″ Point Guard, who can defend at an elite level, has a a solid offensive repertoire, who get into the lane love to push the tempo, finish at the rim and  love to pass first. If the Knicks draft one of these 2 guys, there should be an increase in production offensively and defensively.

Here are the highlights of these two guards.


Option C:

Don’t screw this up. I swear if the Knicks screw this up this franchise will forever suck. They need a solid player and a good guard. The Knicks need a good point guard and not a power forward or center. Don’t go out and draft Lauri Markkanen or Luke Kennard with the 8th pick (even though Knicks should draft him if the Knicks get a pick from the Blazers). Don’t draft Justin Patton, or Zach Collins. Just don’t screw this up. Draft what we need. Those two players will be best players on the board at that time anyway.

Let’s go Knicks


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