Odell Beckham reports a day prior to minicamp

The biggest story of the NFL the past three weeks has been Odell Beckham Jr’s absence during voluntary OTA’s.

Again VOLUNTARY organized team activities.

For those who may or may not know what the definition of  voluntary means, the Meriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “done, given, or acting of one’s own free will”.

Meaning OBJ had every right to choose not to attend if he decided he did not want to participate.

Yet, if you turn on NFL network or check out ESPN’s NFL page, the top NFL story line was depicting why OBJ decided not to attend.

The NFL media love to portray Odell Beckham as a bad guy and a bad teammate when it is so far from the truth.

(Getty Images)
Adam Schefter, ESPN’s lead NFL analyst, tweeted out that OBJ did not attend OTA’s as he was seeking a long term deal with the Giants and was upset he was still playing under his rookie contract.

The same rookie contract that will pay him $1.8 million this and $8 million in his fifth and final year.

This was all based on an assumption and a pure guess. OBJ himself has not said a thing to the media he was upset with his contract, he did not tweet his was upset with his deal nor did anyone from OBJ camp claim they were seeking a long term extension.

Is Odell underpaid? Sure he is. His talent far outweighs his salary but it’s inaccurate to call this a hold out.

Again, he missed ZERO mandatory meetings.

Why a top 3 receiver (arguably number 1 since Julio Jones and Antonio Brown were not even close stat wise to OBJ in their first 3 seasons) has to attend useless work outs in May is beyond me.

Do these people actually believe Odell is going to have a down season cause he missed a few days of practice in late May, early June?

Give me a break.

Thing is the NFL media failed to mention Oliver Vernon (you know the Giants highest paid player) failed to attend the very same workouts.

Why was that a major story line?

Easy answer OBJ is a story and will generate clicks on a website which leads to these nonsense reports that victimize his character.

Le’veon Bell and Aaron Donald, two of the games best at their respected positions are rumored to skip minicamps this week in search of long term extensions.

Le’veon Bell is reported to skip mandatory minicamps in hopes for long term extension (Getty Images)
You know what team activities are mandatory?

If you guessed mini camps that would be correct.

Yet, go click on ESPN NFL home page and you will not find a single story on it.

Pretty odd wouldn’t you think?

Odell Beckham reports a full day earlier than expected and yet he was crucified for skipping voluntary workouts. Like c’mon it’s ridiculous.

Stop the nonsense and give credit to Beckham and appreciate his greatness. He is an all world talent that gets a bad rep for no reason.

Treat OBJ fairly.

Report back to me when OBJ starts skipping mandatory meetings. That’s a real story.

Twitter: @mikey_ryan11


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