Yoenis Cespedes returns to Mets lineup 

For the first time since April 27th, Yoenis Cespedes will return to the Mets starting lineup.

Cespedes has been dealing with strained left hamstring that has cost him a majority of the year.

He will start in left field and bat third 

                               (SNY Images)

There was a report earlier today that Cespedes is still not a 100% healthy.

Typical of the Mets to put their star player out there possibly for he’s ready.

Cespedes has already suffered a set back once in his rehab and running on a strained hamstring that’s not 100% is never good.

However, this season has been nothing short of a disaster. Might as well throw him out there and see how he does.

Worst case: he blows out the hamstring again and shuts it down the remainder of the year. Season is probably done anyways so nothing really to lose.

Best case: he provides a spark and some positive energy of hope to a team that looks defeated. Maybe Yo goes on a terrific run and carries the team to stretch where they win 14 of 20 games to make it a competitive year again. 

In a season filled with so much negatively anddownward spirals, I am going to try and enjoy watching he teams best player return to the field.  

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