Cameron Johnson transfers to UNC

Big ACC news this afternoon. Cameron Johnson, former Pittsburgh Power Forward is officially transferring to his dream school and defending National Champions, North Carolina. 

This has been a big story for weeks. For starters, Johnson has 2 years of eligibility left. But Pittsburgh and the NCAA was trying to deny him from going to UNC because of transferring to a school within the same conference. Pittsburgh and the NCAA felt that since UNC and Pittsburgh will be playing this year, it’s unfair that they are losing a player to a rival. 

However, UNC is Johnsons’ dream school and he wanted to go their forever. The rule was if Johnson went to UNC he would lose one of those years of eligibility. It’s still up in the air if Johnson is eligible for next year and if he has 1 or 2 years of eligibility. 

I personally find that if the NCAA and Pittsburgh trying to stop Johnson from going to UNC is outrageous. It makes ZERO sense and personally it’s wrong. For starters the NCAA is basically saying basketball is more important than education. How do they know that Johnson doesn’t want to further his education at a better school in UNC. Chapel Hill is a better school and better education than Pittsburgh. So the NCAA is banning him from going to school?!?! That’s what it’s all about, according to the NCAA. School and academics come first, then basketball. It’s in the rules. If it’s not and basketball comes first, than pay the players NCAA. It’s not that hard because that’s basically what they’re saying. 

Johnson should be eligible immediately and have his full 2 years. He was a beast at Pittsburgh averaging 

45 field goal %

41.7 from 3

81.1 from foul line

11.8 points 

4.5 rebounds 

2.3 assists 

33 min a game  

and if he were to go to UNC, with a backcourt of Joel Berry and Theo Pinson, Johnson will be even better. If Johnson is eligible, it will make UNC a top 10 team for sure and have a chance to repeat. 

Twitter: @joeryan1621 @wingspansports

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