PK80 Tournament Released

College basketball fans, it’s time to get excited. Can this season just get here already? I have a feeling this is going to be one of the best college basketball seasons we will ever witness and with this tournament, it just got even better.

The PK80 tournament is a monster of a tournament. Try and find me a better in season tournament that this?…..

Answer… You can’t

This will be the best in  season tournament ever. The tournament is made of 16 teams, separated into 2 brackets, with 2 championship games and 2 winners (brackets have to be separated due to conference teams not playing each other in November).

The tournament is to honor Phil Knight, the founder and CEO of Nike for his 80th birthday, hence, “PK80 tournament”. All 16 teams have a tie in with Nike so that’s why they were selected to participated.

So let’s breakdown the bracket…

Victory Bracket


We get the defending National Champs, we get the likely preseason number one in Michigan State, an up and coming Oklahoma team, and teams like Oregon, Connecticut and Arkansas in an 8 team bracket? What did we do to deserve college basketball?

I see North Carolina defeating Portland.

Arkansas defeating Oklahoma

Michigan State defeating Georgetown

Oregon defeating Connecticut

In the “Final Four” of this bracket, I have North Carolina winning another close game against Arkansas (cc. Round of 32 in the 2017 March Madness tournament) and Michigan State cruising past Oregon.

In the Championship game, even though Roy Williams owns Tom Izzo, the Spartans talent is too much and Michigan State is crowned the champions of the Victory Bracket.

Alright, let’s break down the next bracket, the Motion Bracket


Duke? Butler? defending runner ups Gonzaga? Florida? Texas? I mean come on, seriously, what did we do to deserve college basketball? This is so freaking awesome.

Duke defeats Portland State

Texas defeats Butler

Florida defeats Stanford

Gonzaga defeats Ohio State

In the “Final Four” of this bracket, my prediction goes like such;

Duke defeats Texas

Florida defeats Gonzaga

In the championship game? Ahhh what the hell? Its college basketball and upsets happen all the time. Florida is experienced and Duke is not. That play dividends in November games because teams haven’t played together too long. So Florida wins the Motion bracket, in a close game.

Either way, this is awesome for college basketball, awesome for the players, awesome for the coaches, awesome for the scouts that will be in attendance, and especially awesome for the fans.

College basketball wants a bigger audience and more views in November? Well they just hit a home run here. This will be an outstanding tournament, that will be a lot of fun to play in and watch and this tournament will help the teams move forward into conference play and into March. These teams are all pretty good as you can see.

Happy Birthday Phil Knight. You did it again. The dude is the GOAT.

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Twitter/Instagram: @wingspansports

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