Mike Trout to miss time with injured thumb

Bad news for baseball fans everywhere as Mike Trout will head to the disabled list for the first time in his seven year career.

Trout has elected to undergo surgery to fix a torn UCL ligament in his left thumb.

The typical recovery time is between 6-8 weeks.

Mike Trout is going on the disabled list for the first time in his career. (AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

This is a major blow to the Angels as they lose the games best player for a significant amount of time. The Angels are currently 26-28 and their record is only that decent due to Trouts superhuman ability on the diamond.

The Angels are already a bottom five offense in the American League with a team average at .236 and having scored only 4 runs per game (216 runs in 54 games).

It is only going to get worse as they now have to find a way to replace Trout who was on his way to another MVP award and contending for the Triple Crown.

Trout is batting .337 (.461 on base percentage) with 16 home runs and 36 RBI. Trout has added 14 doubles, 2 triples and 10 stolen bases.

His 3.5 WAR is the tops in baseball and was on pace to set an all time record according to WAR statistics.

With the injury, it is pretty safe to say the Angels season may be doomed. As a baseball fans, just hoping for a quick recovery for the games best player to return healthy and to get back onto the field as soon as possible.

-all statistics used from baseballreference.com.

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