Breaking Down the Bryce Harper Fight. 

MLB, I’m disappointed in you. I love that Harper is suspended because I’m a Mets fan  but if I was in charge, no suspension at all, for either player. These are boys being boys, who CLEARLY don’t like each other and it made baseball that much more fun. Gotta respect it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch it here. It’s amazing. 

I honestly love this on so many levels though. 

Baseball needs more of this. I need to see players hating each other. I know it can cause injuries and whatever, but I mean baseball is popping right now. It’s exciting again. 

In 2016, Bryce Harper made a campaign of “Make Baseball Fun Again” and by God he did it. Baseball is the most fun thing out there right now. 

This is also coming off Harper saying to a bunch of 10 year old “No participation trophies, first place only”. And then he goes out and lays someone out? Amazing. 

Harper goes out there, throws his helmet at Strickland, misses by a good 20-30 feet, which is laugh out loud funny, absorbs a punch and then lands a solid punch right in Stricklands face? Give the MVP to Harper now. 

But I don’t understand what Harper was doing. Like why would you take your helmet off? If you’re going to take it off, MAKE SURE YOU HIT STRICKLAND WITH IT. Now that the helmet is off, Harper loses all protection. The helmet could’ve absorbed the punch for him instead of his face. 

And what is Buster Posey doing in the background? He didn’t even freaking move. What kind of teammate is that? Posey has all the equipment on, go out there and hit someone for crying out loud. It’s a brawl!!

And look at Jeff Samardzija, former football player, through all of this. Number 29 on the Giants. He goes full out, doesn’t care who he hits. He just hits someone. And it was his own teammate. Hilarious. 

All in all, this is amazing for baseball. It’s good to see players not like each other, like the NBA. Go out, get the job done and if you have to charge the mound at some point, do it. 

Final Verdict: Harper won this fight. His punch was more viscous and more effective. 

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