Terry Collins You are Incompetent

I am watching the Mets blow a lead here and have no idea how a man can manage a bullpen worse.  It unbelievable actually and I am actually feeling hatred toward a human I have never met which is hard to comprehend.  Terry Collins is a bum and enough is enough with this guy.

Yesterday we are winning a game 9-3 why the F do 3 of our main bullpen arms need to pitch ?  Paul Sewald throws a inning, Blevins 0.2 and Salas 1.1 innings. Josh Smoker also threw a inning.  How about this idea Terry, in a fucking blow out let Josh Smoker throw a few innings because he had been stretch out in the minors. Another option would have been to pitch Neil Ramirez who is a bum and hope he gets a few guys out and if things get dicey then bring in your real guys.  We do not need to pitch every reliever ever game.

Now lets turn to live action, we are up 5-3, Salas who isn’t great anyway comes in after throwing 18 pitches for no reason last night and puts a few guys on.  Then who do we bring in? Of course star reliever Neil Ramirez with the bases loaded who promptly gives up a near grand slam to Wil Myers that ended up being only a double by a inch to tie the game thankfully. Josh Edgin got us out of the jam after that, but really how can we let this guy manage any more games ?  We do not have the depth in the bullpen to mess around and mismanage it every single game and survive.  We can not blow games to the Padres.  When does this guys free pass end ?  He is a loser end of story and until he is gone we will be losers and I feel bad for the players they deserve better.

I will pray they overcome tonight that is all we can do at this point.

To be Continued………

Update Josh Smoker who was being used as a starter for 2 weeks in the minors pitching in back to back games gives up a bomb, Excellent Managing. Another base hit from a righty verse smoker. How many fucking righties are going kill this guy before Terry Understand ? Where is Paul Sewaldddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!! Last place here we come.

Thank you Ron for politely calling Terry a idiot for using so many guys.

To be Continued……….
By: Bobby Engelhard

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