Sheldon Richardson calls out Brandon Marshall; claims Jets are better off without him

The New York Jets continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Sheldon Richardson had an interesting take when asked today by the local media on his opinions about the Jets locker room this year compared to the past season.

Richardson claimed:

“There are 15 reasons why it’s better’.

Now this is an obviously taking a shot at wide receiver Brandon Marshall who wore number 15 for the Jets the past two seasons. Marshall just recently signed a two year deal with the crosstown rivals New York Giants earlier in the off season.

Marhsall joined fellow former Jets DT Damon Harrison and QB Geno Smith to join the Giants over the last two off-seasons.

Damon Harrison had a career season after departing Jets and joining Giants (AP)

This is not the first incident for Richardson throwing shade at Marshall to the media.

Following an embarrassing 41-3 loss to New England, Richardson had the following to say about a mystery feud shared between the teammates.

“He should be embarrassed,” Richardson said, via the New York Post. “No reason. He just should be. He knows what he did.”

Marhsall took the high road about the claims

I’m a little caught off guard, to be honest with you guys,” Marshall said after learning of the comments. “I don’t know where it’s coming from. I just know there’s a lot of guys in our locker room doing everything they can to lead and bring guys along. It’s not always easy, especially in this environment. He’s definitely a guy that I see myself in. When I was younger, totally different stories, but there’s so much potential, so much growth there, so hopefully he grows.” “It’s Sheldon, man. It’s Sheldon,” Marshall said. “Our stories and our journey, the starts of our career are totally different, but really similar. It hurts to see someone with so much potential and so many people trying to help him … I just wish him the best. I hope he gets everything he wants, man. He’s an amazing talent. I just want him to see the big picture.”

After reading these quotes, who is the problem here? Sheldon Richardson. The guy simply does not get it.

Since joining the Giants, Marhshall has been anything but a distraction constantly showing up to work outs on time and putting in some extra effort. Marshall has said only positive things about the Jets since departing and did not throw any teammates under the bus after his exit.

Maybe Richardson should take a look in the mirror and understand he is part of the Jets dysfunction.

After all this is the same guy who has been suspended five games over the past two seasons.

After serving his four game suspension for marijuana use in 2015, Richardson followed up on it in 2016 with the following actions:

The below transcript was used from Richardson’s Wikipedia profile:

On July 14, 2015, less than two weeks after receiving his suspension for failing the league’s substance abuse policy, Richardson was arrested in St. Charles County, Missouri and charged with resisting arrest and traffic violations. He was reportedly street racing in excess of 140 miles per hour before attempting to evade the authorities pursuing him. Two other men and a 12-year-old were found to be in the car, all of whom smelled of marijuana. A loaded handgun was found beneath the driver’s seat.[15] He was not charged with any drug charges or child endangerment since according to the prosecutor, there was not enough evidence for a case that was beyond a reasonable doubt. There was no gun charge since guns are legal in Missouri and Richardson was in proper possession of it.[16] On January 26, 2016, he was found guilty of reckless driving and resisting arrest. He was fined $1,050, received 2 years of probation, and was ordered to undergo 100 hours of community service.

Seems like a reasonable and stand-up guy to give advice on how another player acts.

Richardson is a head case and has provided way more trouble than production in 2016. He finished with 1.5 sacks a year ago. Another terrible year and he is out of a job and will not be getting the contract raise he expected a few years back.

Maybe Richardson should be concerned with his own production rather making ill advised comments about a former teammate.

If this is the type of player the Jets are given a leadership position too, expect nothing out of the upcoming year.

Jets fans have no one to blame but the front office. The front office decided Richardson was better than Damon Harrison. Harrison rejuvenated the Giants defense while Richardson was the catalyst for one of the worst defenses in the league.

The negative headlines and immature comments from Richardson are a result of unstable infrastructure the Jets have created in recent years. The negative headlines will continue to come.

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