Justin Pugh in “Drivers Seat” with Contract Talks

Justin Pugh believes he sees what is coming in the near future, and he likes the view.

“I’m sitting in the driver’s seat,’’ Pugh told The Post during a round of golf on Thursday.
The Giants starting left guard, in his fifth season with the team after being drafted in the first round in 2013, is bullish not only on his immediate future but that of the team.

The Giants picked up the fifth-year option on his original rookie contract, which will pay him $8.8 million this season. (Via New York Post)

Justin Pugh and the Giants are entering contract talks and honestly this is a perfect situation for Pugh and not the best case scenario for the Giants and here’s why:
1. Justin Pugh is the best offensive lineman on the Giants. Granted, that’s not saying much because the Giants offensive line is horrible but Pugh is a pro bowl caliber player and talent. He is a beast in the trenches and he protects Eli great. The Giants usually use Pugh as there pull blocker and run the ball to his side. He’s going to want his money. 
2. The Giants can’t afford to lose Pugh. The 5th Year player out of Syracuse has become the anchor of this Giants offensive line and if he leaves in free agency after this year; they will have no one to protect Eli for the next 2-3 years. He’s a steady force and gets the job done. The Giants can’t afford to lose him and he’s going to get his money. 
3. Offensive lineman have been doing very well in free agency. The top 4 offensive lineman free agents have in the 2017 free agent class has received $53-$60 million dollars. If you follow Pugh on twitter he is seeing these contracts getting handed out because he’s always quoting the tweet with the “👀” emoji. Pugh is going to want that type of money. 
Pugh is definitely in the drivers seat here. He knows that he is the best lineman in the Giants, he knows how much offensive lineman are being paid and he knows that the Giants are going to give him the money because they have too. They can’t lose their best lineman because then they go from the worst offensive line in the league to the worst offensive line in history. Eli is getting older, he can’t be on his back every play and Pugh helps that from not happening. Giants need Pugh back. 

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