Tevin Mack transfers to Alabama

Avery Johnson is on a roll. He is slowly but surely turning the Alabama basketball program around. It’s gonna take a little while longer but he is on the right track. 

For starters, Johnson has had a commitment from Collin Sexton, the top point guard recruit in the nation and also signed the 29th best recruit according to 247sports John Petty. With Alabama returning key players and adding these top 2 recruits they will be a solid team in the SEC and complete for a spot in the tournament. 

And now, the future of Alabama basketball just got a whole lot brighter. Tevin Mack, the once sought out recruit by every major school, officially announced he is transferring from Texas to Alabama. 

Granted, he was a head case for the Longhorns and dealt with suspensions and punishments but if Avery Johnson can get his head straight, Alabama has a bright future. Mack averaged 14.8 points per game last year for the Longhorns. Mack has 2 years left of eligibility and due to transfer rules will have to sit one year but play the next 2. 

Now it is more than likely that Collin Sexton is a one and done player but in the 2018 season, when Mack has a full year to get his head right and practice with Alabama, Mack and Petty (whom is not a one and done) will be a solid duo for the Crimison Tide. And Avery Johnson has a solid 2018 recruiting class too. 

Alabama is becoming more than just a football school. 

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