New York Mets- Time to call in some reinforcements-Part 3-The Bullpen

As I just got finished watching the Mets lose another game and Rafael Montero getting crushed yet again what better time to write about helping out this bullpen.  The Mets bullpen has under performed, has been overworked already, have injuries, and have a manager who does not understand using a bullpen.  Basically it is a bad situation and one that either gets improved or we will have no chance to make the playoffs.  Lets go over who is here right now and see what we can do about it.
Injured- Jeurys Familia

Worth a roster spot still- Jerry Blevins (1.88), Paul Sewald (3.00), Josh Edgin (3.38), Addison Reed (3.48)

Needs to go- Fernando Salas (5.89), Hansel Robles (5.23), Rafael Montero (9.69)

Already gone- Josh Smoker (7.88)

Losing Familia was a big blow because whether we liked him or not he was one of the better relievers in baseball so that hurt. Addison Reed is a fine backup plan but overall that weakens the depth of this pen.  Jerry Blevins has been great and Josh Edgin has gotten some big outs.  Paul Sewald has done well so far but remains to be see if he can get any big outs at the major league level.  That is the good which has not been that good anyway now for the bad.

I am going to break down why Terry Collins should not have a job here quickly with some examples of how he has no clue how to use a bullpen.

1) Josh Smoker can be good if used correctly.

New Flash to Terry, Josh Smoker should be used as a Lefty Specialist in which I feel he would be dominating as the season went along.  Lets look at his numbers.

Vs. Lefties- 6 innings 2er 8ks. Not earth shattering numbers but he is a young reliever with plus stuff so why not groom him to be a lefty killer and put him in position to build confidence and fill a role ?

VS Righties- 10 innings 12er 12ks-  Why the hell does this guy have more innings vs right-handed hitters than vs left-handed batters ?  That would be because Terry Collins is Clueless.

Bring this guy back up and let him pitch to lefties only otherwise we will see Josh Smoker on another team as a dominate reliever mark my words.

2) Do not bring Addison Reed in with guys on base

This guy is terrible with guys on base especially when he comes into the game with runners on.  Bases empty Era 1.46, Runners on in scoring position 33.75 ERA.  Terry is this that hard to understand ?

3) Using Rafael Montero at all

No comment here if I was Terry I would demand Sandy send this guy down

Who can we get to help this sorry state of a bullpen ?

Right Side…

1)Pat Neshek-Phillies-  Pitching to a 1.32 era and a veteran he would immediately add a stabilizing presence to this pen from the right side.  He is a free agent and the Phillies have no need for a 37-year-old reliever.

2) Joe Smith-Blue Jays-  Former Met he would cost more than Neshek but has been a solid reliever for years and is having another solid season for the Blue Jays with a 2.89 era.

3) Drew Storen-Reds-  A little mentally weak from what I remember while he was with the Nationals however there is no denying his raw stuff.  He has seemed to figure it out so far this seasons as he sports a 2.16 era over 16 innings with 17 K’s.  My worry here is how he handles pressure especially being in New York but he is better than anyone else we have from the right side.

4) Anthony Swarzak-White Sox-  This guy has been unreal this season pitching 19.2 innings and only allowing 4 hits and 2 walks while striking out 22 and has not allowed a run yet this season.  So why is he ranked 4th on my list ? Simple when a guy is having that kind of season you will have to overpay and his career numbers do not support this absurd start to the season.  Yes I would roll the dice and hope he has one of those reliever career years before he hits free agency and someone over pays him but the other guys will cost far less and have pretty similar odds of being just as effective over the course of the season.

Left Side

1) Tony Watson-Pirates- He will cost a lot and we are pretty good on the left side compared to the right but this guy is a very good reliever and would be a welcome addition.  As things are going the Pirates will probably be sellers and this is a guy that will defiantly be available because he is a free agent at season end but the competition will be stiff.


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