Kansas forward Dwight Coleby to Transfer; Commits to Western Kentucky 

Kansas power forward, Dwight Coleby will transfer from the University of Kansas basketball program. 

This is a loss for Kansas but it won’t hurt them in the long run. Coleby was most likely going to be the 5th big man off the bench as the Kansas front court is deep this year with Udoka Azibuke, Mitch Lightfoot, McDonald’s All American Billy Preston and William & Mary transfer Jack Whitman. All 4 of those bigs would be ahead of Coleby in the lineup. 

Coleby contributed mightily to the Jayhawks over the last 2 years. After transferring to Kansas from Ole Miss, he tore his ACL during his redshirt season. During his season of eligibility he contributed off the bench after the Azibuke injury. He was a great leader in the locker room and his leadership will be missed. 

Coleby is going to transfer and make a huge impact for his graduate year. He deserves that. He is a hard worker, a beast on the boards and will likely make a big difference  on whatever school he chooses. 

A recent graduate of Kansas university, Coleby will be eligible immediately. 

With Coleby transferring, this also opens up a scholarship for Svi to return if he withdraws from the NBA draft, another recruit or another transfer. So all is good in Jayhawks land. 

Best of luck Dwight. You’re gonna make a difference somewhere. 

UPDATE: via Jon Rothsteins twitter, Dwight Coleby has committed to Western Kentucky. 

Western Kentucky is getting a really solid player in Coleby. He is not going to make the highlighted plays or the plays that get him in the Sportscenter Top Ten but Coleby will do the dirty work. He’ll dive for loose balls, draw fouls, grab every rebound imaginable and score with second chance points. 

Western Kentucky has a really solid roster going into next year. After finishing 15-17 last year the Hilltoppers will look to make a run to the tournament and they’ll have a chance to make a run in March. 

Western Kentucky will be returning their leading scorer Justin Johnson, while bringing in four star guard Jordan Brangers and 5 star, McDonald’s All American power forward Mitchell Robinson. With the addition of Coleby the Hilltoppers will have 4 immediate players that can make a difference in any roster in college basketball and that’ll pay dividends in Conference USA. 

Coleby wanted to go to a school where he can make a bigger difference and he’ll have that chance at Western Kentucky. He will play a big role for a solid team. 

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