Sorry Terry, We need a Real Manager to get through this…

Terry Collins flies under the radar for most baseball fans and is probably seen as a pretty good manager overall by people not closely watching the New York Mets.  Terry Collins is a baseball lifer and a good guy and I applaud him for adapting to the players this time around as opposed to what he was like in his first managerial jobs with the Astros and Angels.  I also appreciate that his Mets teams have not seemed to quit at any point and I think that is a positive reflection on any Manager or Coach.  While I give Terry Credit where it is due I must say however I think Strategically he is the worst manager in baseball.

If we are being honest here the Mets brought in Terry Collins not to turn the franchise around but to be a cheap professional manager while the team was bad and could not spend any money.  The plan all along was to get out of the financial mess of Maddof, clean up the payroll, get some young talent, wait for the young arms to develop and then when the time was right spend the money and get a big time manager and big time players to compete.  Something amazing happened though for the Mets in 2015 and for Terry Collins life as a manager.  Instead of waiting for all the young arms to develop and deal with another losing season the Mets made the World Series because the young arms came quicker than they thought and that allowed Sandy Alderson to justify making a big trade at the deadline and we all know that story.  Terry Collins was outclassed in the World Series but how could you fire a manager who brought a team out of nowhere to the World Series?  The answer is you can not, so Terry got to come back for another season in 2016.  If the Mets win 75 games in 2015 like they expected Terry Collins would be elsewhere as we speak.

Then 2016 comes and we have injury after injury and of course the manager gets a pass.  I can live with that but I know and everyone else who follows the Mets knows that Terry Collins managing of the bullpen and lineups did not help any in 2016 but at the end of the day the Mets talent overcame that to get as far as the playoffs once again.

We could criticize any manager for moves they make or do not make that is part of the fun in baseball but what I witnessed last night was too much for me to bear and confirmed in my mind that Terry Collins is the worst manager in baseball and has been blessed with exceptional talent to make him look like better than he is.  Yes everyone is hurt again this season but that is no excuse for what he did last night.

For the record I would cut Matt Harvey, me and my fellow members of Wing Span Sports argue about this daily but that is my feeling on the matter and subject for another day.  However he is still on the team I love and I will root for him to do well when he is out there for us.

So this brings us to last night, Matt Harvey pitches decent after a 10 day layoff and getting shelled in his previous few starts.  5 Innings 2 runs and with us down 2-1 with Harvey at 98 pitches leading off the top of the 6th.  He did his job and the game is close so perfect spot to pinch hit for him because A)  we are down a run and we need to score and B) Let him leave the game with a good taste in his mouth and something to build off. This scenario is even more frustrating because it is not like Harvey was cruising along and even deserved another inning. So Terry lets Harvey hit and we tie the game in the 6th anyway and our brilliant manager brings Harvey back out for the 6th.  Here is how we felt last night as this is going on so this is not a case of Monday morning quarterbacking.


Instead of us potentially winning a game and letting one of our only healthy pitchers who is mentally weak anyway leave the game with some confidence moving forward, we give up 4 runs including a home run to a guy who had hit only 8 home runs in 6 years in the MLB and we go on to lose.  That kind of managing we can not afford with the injuries we have.  The sad part is I believe in this team still despite the injuries with the talent we have but we need a manager who is going to get the most out of his players especially right now.

My fear is that when we get healthy these types of decisions are going to cost us to many games and we simply can not afford that.  This is just the tip of a the iceberg in terms of decisions Terry Collins has made that have cost us games and have messed with guys confidence.  To get us to the promise land we are going to need a better manager there is no way around it.

I could spend the next month going over the mistakes Terry has made managing his Bullpen and lineup over the years but anyone who is watching the Mets everyday already knows this.  All in all Terry has done an OK job but if we want to get the most out of this season and the next few where our window is open to win we are going to need an upgrade at manager and I hope it happens.  Just look at the difference in the Nationals since they fired Matt Williams and hired Dusty Baker.  

At the end of the day a great manager is not going to guarantee you win but a bad manager can guarantee you will have a much harder time winning.


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