Frank Jackson to remain in Draft

According to Woj (who else, guy is the GOAT) Freshman Point Guard from Duke, Frank Jackson has decided to stay in the draft. 

I can’t hate on this decision because I understand kids wanting to play at highest level ever, pursuing their dreams and making money for themselves and their families but it can wait ONE more year. I think it would’ve been wise for Frank Jackson to return to Duke for another year. I just don’t love young Point Guards who are no dominate in college. Take Johnny Flynn, Tyler Ennis and Kendall Marshall for example. And all three of those guys were better than Frank Jackson in college. 

Again, respect to Frank Jackson. He has every right and I hope he thrives in he NBA. But I rather play another year, at Duke playing for a chance at a National Title than play for $25,000 in the D League. Especially since next years draft class is not as good as this one. This years class is LOADED with talent. 

Jackson averaged 10.9 ppg, 2.5 rpg and 1.7 apg. The assists are an alarming stat. No Point Guard should EVER average less than 2 assists per game. 

However, Duke fans don’t panic. This opens the door and all but assures Trevon Duval headed to Duke. Duval is a top pick in the 2018 draft and better than Jackson anyway. 

Best of luck Frank Jackson. 

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