Kelly Oubre Suspended for Game 4

According to Woj (the GOAT of all NBA reporters) Kelly Oubre is suspended for game 4 against the Boston Celtics. 

Honestly, what a freaking joke. Kelly Oubre got suspended for pushing Kelly Olynk down during an NBA Playoff game, after Olynk cheap shotted him for like the 83rd time this series. Oubre shouldn’t of pushed him but come on, it was retaliation, it’s the NBA playoffs. Does Oubre get suspended for this in the 80’s and 90’s? Absolutely not. 

The NBA is just getting soft and I hate it. The Celtics and Wizards don’t like each other. They’re two franchises that are starting a fierce rivalry and as a fan of the NBA it’s so fun to watch. 

No one got hurt in the incident and if you’re going to suspended Oubre, you have to suspend Olynk too for his cheap shots. 

I’m a die hard Kansas fan. I will always defend my Kansas guys. I love Kelly Oubre. And I respect him a lot more for this. He’s only 21. He has a lot to learn and with his game and emotions. But this is going to spring his careee forward. 

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