Ducks Stun Oilers in OT Thriller

In game 4, the Oilers took an early 2-0 lead in the 1st period, then a brutal 2nd period led to 3 goals for the Ducks. The Oilers would tie the game with a minute left but lose in OT. A big factor in the series so far has been face offs wins for the Ducks (won at least 58% in every game so far) and success for the Oilers on the power play (5 power play goals in the first four games). With the series headed back to Anaheim, both teams look to take a critical game 5. The Ducks would get the majority of the chances in the 1st period. Getzlaf would get 1 on 1 with Lucic and beat him, forcing Lucic for force a penalty shot. Getzlaf has been the Ducks MVP so far this playoffs. Bad guy to put on a penalty shot, but he would shoot over the net to keep the game scoreless. The Ducks would out shoot the Oilers 13-7, but the Oilers would get a prime chance but not be able to capitalize. Letestu would take a pass in front of the net and Gibson would get just enough of the puck…


Coming into the 2nd, a different Oilers team would show up. Right off the opening face off, they would go on the attack and score 15 seconds in. On a fast break, a Klefbom shot would give Draisaitl a great chance and he would one-time it in for the first goal of the game. After this goal, the Ducks would commit back to back penalties just 40 seconds apart to set up a 5 on 3 advantage for Edmonton. They would work the puck well and end up scoring on this ridiculous McDavid hand-eye play…


Letestu with a great play to get it in front and McDavid did the rest. What a play. This makes 3 straight games with goals. Another power play goal for Edmonton where they have really taken advantage of the Ducks struggles killing penalties. Later in the period, the Ducks would score on a nice tip in but the tip in occurred higher than the crossbar. No goal. The crowd was not to pleased but it was the right call. Just two minutes after the no-goal, the Oilers would get a 3 on 1 fast break and capitalize to make the score 3-0. McDavid won a battle on the boards over Getzlaf in the defensive zone, accelerated through the neutral zone and into the Ducks zone. Then dishes a nice pass in close to Caggiula…


Back to back games with goals for the 22-year old Caggiula (his first two career playoff goals). Zack Kassian and Nick Ritchie would go at it right after a face off. Two bad ass mother fuckers beating the shit out of each other…

Fight video: Zack Kassian vs. Nick Ritchie in heavyweight bout

Going into the 3rd, the Ducks became desperate. They would get an early power play but could not score. They would accumulate 22 shots over the 3rd period. With 3:45 left, the Ducks would pull Gibson and take the extra attacker. Shortly after pulling Gibson, the Ducks would go on their final assault. Getzlaf would get a chance to shoot from the point and would score. A laser that would deflect off Draisaitl who was trying to block the shot. 3-1 and the crowd is fully into the game. The Ducks would win the insuing face off and go right back to work in the offensive zone. The Oilers were gassed. Their top players were exhausted from playing intense defense for the majority of the 3rd. Less than a minute later, the Ducks would score again. Cam Fowler would get a very similar goal, a wrist shot from the point that deflects off a defender trying to block the shot. 3-2 and the crowd is rocking. The Oilers just needed to survive 2 minutes and they would take the game. They would actually get a chance, but the Ducks had Gibson in the game. Pouliot would hit the post which would have been the game winner.


But the Ducks would recover and go right back on the attack trying to tie the game. With time running down and the Ducks putting on their last second desperate attack, the Oilers would turn to packing it in and just trying to survive. They would almost get a clear with 20 seconds left but the Ducks would keep it in. A shot on goal would produce total chaos and Rakell (who scored the most game winning goals during the regular season) would get another YUGE goal to tie the game…


Three straight games with goals for Rakell and his 5th of the playoffs. A great job knowing that time is running down and all that is needed is to throw the puck at the net. The stadium was shaking. What a overall great play to tie the game, WOW. This would force OT for the second straight game. During the OT period both teams would get chances but could not score and a 2ndOT would be necessary. Here is an almost game winner for the Ducks early in the 1stOT…


The Ducks were winning the big face offs to help them control the puck. As fatigue was kicking in, the Ducks skilled face off winners took over. Vermette was amazing on face offs. Look at these numbers…


83% in the offensive zone and 21-7 (75%) overall, wow. The Ducks would do a good job staying disciplined and out of the penalty box. They would not commit a penalty in the 3rd period and both OTs. Early in the 2ndOT, the Ducks fore check would force a turnover. Rakell would win the battle on the boards, Getzlaf would dish a nice quick pass to an attacking Perry who would take care of the rest….


What a veteran play by Perry to have composure to hold the puck long enough to get past Talbot. Getzlaf with another point making that 15. He is carrying the Ducks. What a game this was. Another blown lead for the Oilers. Last game was a blown lead in the 2nd period, this time it was in the last 3:30. McDavid and Maroon both played over 30 mintues. Larsson played 45 minutes. Getzlaf, Silverberg, Kessler and Rakell all played over 30 minutes. Lots of hard minutes for both teams’ best players. This plus playing back to back OT games could make fatigue a factor going forward.

Series: 3-2 Ducks and headed to Edmonton for game 6. There is really not much to say other than the Oilers blew it. They had the lead and literally just needed one final clear with 20 seconds left and could not get it. The Ducks players just wanted it more late in the game. This is where experience can become a factor. A young Oilers team is going to need to win back to back games against a savvy veteran Ducks team. The last two games should be great.

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