Noah Syndergaard Sidelined with Partial Lat Tear

Noah Syndergaard is out indefinitely after an MRI on Monday showed the New York Mets pitcher suffered a partial tear of his right lat muscle, the team announced.

“Pitcher Noah Syndergaard underwent an MRI this morning at the Hospital for Special Surgery. The MRI revealed a partial tear of the right lat muscle,” the Mets said in a statement. “At this point, there is no timeframe for his return. He will be placed on the 10-day disabled list.” (


And here we go!!! If anyone has the nerve to tell me that the New York Mets franchise isn’t cursed, I would laugh right in your face. The New York Mets are the most cursed, frustrating, dark clouded team in all of sports. And it is not even close.

Noah Syndergaard is officially out with a partially torn Lat and if this Mets season couldn’t get any worse, IT JUST DID.

Noah Syndergaard came into this season with such high expectations, and he was supposed to be the front runner for the CY Young and bring the Mets to promise land with a World Series victory. High expectations for a 24 year old kid? Sure. But he brought this expectations upon himself and I wrote about that here.

So now, Syndergaard is out for a while and we have no idea when he’s coming back, but truthfully as much as I love Noah, this is completely and utterly his fault. He was hurting since last Wednesday, he skipped his start, he refused to get an MRI because he “knew” nothing was wrong, and then he goes out on Sunday, lets up 5 runs in the first inning, and then leaves in the 2nd inning because that’s when he tore his lat. If he just got the MRI to begin with, they would’ve rested him, had him exercise the area in which it was hurting and then he would’ve been back in max 2 weeks. But no, he had to be a hero and try and pitch through it and now he burns himself and burns the Mets.

And we will see how he bounces back from this. After doing research, Steven Matz had the same injury in 2015 and honestly hasn’t been the same since. On the other hand, Clayton Kershaw had the same injury as Matz and Noah and the next year had a career year. Usually this injury is going to take 2 months to heal, but with Noah being out for 2 months, and the way the Mets are playing, it may be too late.

Speedy recovery Noah. We need you out there to dominate.

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