Casey Benson commits to Grand Canyon

Wow, I mean wow. What a College Basketball move that I have so much respect for.

According to reports and Benson’s twitter account, Casey Benson, a graduate transfer from Oregon has committed to play for Grand Canyon next year.

This is an ultimate pick up for Dan Majerle and the Antelopes. This move will pay dividends to Grand Canyon and for mid major school for the future.

Casey Benson didn’t exactly light up the score sheet for the Ducks, but, nonetheless, Benson was a very solid player for the Ducks. This year, he averaged 5.1 ppg, 2.5 apg and shot 44.7% from the 3 point line. A very solid point guard, who will thrive with Grand Canyon.

I respect this move on so many different levels. For one, Benson is from Tempe, AZ, which is basically in the backyard for Grand Canyon University. SO, Benson is coming home to play his final season of college basketball in front of his family and friends. That’s awesome.

Second, this make college basketball so much fun. I know Benson is not the best player in the country, but listen, this is a guy who just played int he Final Four, and had a chance and has a shot with Oregon to win a title. But Benson that it was his best interest to go to a Mid Major School, who just joined Division 1 school and is looking to make their first NCAA Tournament appearance ever? That’s freaking awesome. Respect to the kid.

Finally, like I just mentioned, Grand Canyon has never made the NCAA Tournament. Not because they weren’t good enough, but because they weren’t eligible. When a school enters Division 1 they must wait 3 years to be eligible for the tournament. In those 3 years Grand Canyon has to wait their record was 59-37. That’s really good for a school just starting. And last year they finished 27-7, and now they add Benson? They have a real solid team going into next year. Pair Benson with Joshua Braun and Grand Canyon has a good back court, even with the loss of DeWayne Russell, who has graduated.

This makes Grand Canyon the definite favorites to win the WAC and make their first ever NCAA Tourney bid. Oh, and there fans? One of the most loudest, loyal, crazy fan bases in the country. Grand Canyon has a great environment to play in and Benson will thrive in that situation. Benson will also bring much needed experience, after a Final Four run, to a team who has ZERO tournament experience.

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