Oilers vs. Ducks – Game 3 Recap

***All games are here just scroll down…

Game 1

The Ducks and Oilers opened the series up in Anaheim in a late night match up (on the east coast). The game started off with both teams trading chances and physical play. The Anaheim centers wanted to get on McDavid and not let him have open ice. There was plenty of pushing and shoving after the whistle. This is the 6th match up of the year between the two, so the hatred is noticeably building. A great save by Gibson got the crowd into the game early…


The shots were 10-9 in the first in favor of the Ducks after the 1st period. Ryan Getzlaf would open the scoring up 22 seconds into the 2nd period. Great play taking space and getting a great shot off…


The crowd was into it and the Ducks were playing well, but a strange penalty would change the momentum. Ritche of the Ducks would get loose on a breakaway and both him and Klefbom would go to the ground. The crowd (and Gibson, he came out of the net!) thought it was on Klefbom but the ref would point to Ritche. Crowd was not happy. About a minute later, they would commit another penalty to go down 5 on 3. The Oilers would capitalize on a rebound finished off by Letestu. The 2nd period would end tied at 1. The Ducks would commit another penalty shortly into the 3rd. This was a major factor coming into the series with the Ducks struggling on the penalty kill (Monahan would get 4 power play goals). Letestu would score again on this power play on virtually the same play, finishing a rebound. Oilers are not 2-4 on the power play and lead 2-1. About two minutes later the Oilers would get another. Draisaitl would take just his second face off of the game and win it to start the offense (Ducks were winning most faceoffs0. Draisaitl owned the Ducks during the regular season and continued that into the series getting his 3rd assist of the game on the 3rd goal. Great composure to bring the defender out of position and find a wide open Larsson…


After back to back goals, the crowd was silent and Edmonton had all the momentum. The Ducks had been winning a majority of the face offs which was helping them tame the momentum. Off a clean face off win, Getzlaf takes a blast and Eaves is there to put it in. Sloppy rebound by Talbot. Less than two minutes later, they would strike again and even the game. A brutal offensive turnover at the blue line by Lucic led to a Ducks fast break…


Crowd was rocking and Ducks are back in it. Crazy how both teams scored two goals within two minutes in the 3rd period. The game would go return to being back and forth,  with non-stop action. Adam Larsson (who the Oilers traded for straight up with Taylor Hall) would take over and go coast to coast to make a crazy angled shot that would deflect in off Gibson’s skate from behind the net…


Insane to see how quickly an ugly goal can happen and change the game. These teams fought so hard and it almost seemed that an ugly goal was going to be needed. Draisaitl would make an incredible play at the end of the game to clear a loose puck in the crease that almost tied it. But, the Oilers would get an empty netter on a nice sequences of passes from Lucic to Draisaitl. Nobody more fitting to end the game than Draisaitl, getting his 4th point of the night. They need him to show up because McDavid will receive all of the attention. Things got ugly at the end of the game and should carry into game 2, nice for us hockey fans. Series: 1-0 Edmonton.

Game 2

After game 1 was back and forth with crazy swings in momentum, game 2’s intensity was just as hype. On the first offensive attack by the Oilers, a minute into the game, McDavid was able to get in behind the net and force the Ducks to commit a defensive turnover that got defender Sekera wide open for a blast from the blue line. Top shelf and in, 1-0 Oilers a minute into the game…


Edmonton would only get 3 shots in the 1st period. The Ducks would control most of the 1st, getting 12 shots, but was never able to score. Talbot was great. A major piece of game 1 was the continuation of the Ducks struggling on the penalty kill. They would kill a penalty in the 1st, but in the 2nd the Oilers would strike again. An Eberle shot would beat Gibson and Maroon would be there to put it in. Making 3 power play goals in the first two games. However, the Ducks would fight back later in the 2nd. On the power play, Silverberg would get open and wrist a laser past Talbot to get it within one…


The Ducks would out shot the Oilers in the 2nd 12-9. The 3rd period would go back and forth with teams trading chances. The Ducks would come so close to tying it up…


Never a good sign when the goalie turns his head… but the Oilers would survive. They would also survive the late assault by the Ducks and finish the sweep in Anaheim.

Series: 2-0 Oilers. It almost seems like Ryan Kessler is literally only playing defense against McDavid. I mean yeah, he has 3 assists but was held shot less in game 1 and only 3 shots in game 2 (posting a -1 rating in the first two games). Kessler is a goal scorer, along with an elite defensive forward. He needs to be more aggressive producing chances. The Ducks have been playing well, but can’t seem to finish the big chances. They out shot the Oilers 40-23 and won 64% of face offs. The Ducks need to show up and finish their chances in Edmonton.

Game 3

With the series headed to Edmonton, the Oilers look to take a commanding 3-0 lead. However, the Ducks are playing a must-win. They need their veteran leadership to show up in this critical game. Vatanen, a top-4 defender, would return to be a critical pick up for the Ducks. 25 seconds into the game, veteran Captain Getzlaf would get it going with a near-full ice pass to Rakell running wide open past the Oiler’s defense…


What a pass… This calmed the crowd early. 5 minutes later, the Ducks non-stop fore check would get to the Oilers defense. A Lindholm shot would produce a loose puck around the chaos in front of the net and Silfverberg would shot his hand-eye skills to jam it in… (he has scored in all three games so far)..


Then just a few minutes later, the Oilers would commit a brutal defensive turnover which leads to Getzlaf sniping one top right past Talbot to take the 3-0 lead. The Oilers would not get discouraged down 3-0 late in the 1st. They would score off of a crazy double deflection. A Russel shot would be deflected off Nugent-Hopkins and off Maroon to sneak past Gibson…


This would give the Oilers life going into the 2nd. A minute into the 2nd, they would score off an attack to the net. Desharnias would attack the net and produce a rebound where Slepyshev was there to put it in. Shortly after, McDavid would get in a shoving match with Vatanen after the play. Lucic would literally choke him out (this was amazing Lucic is a savage) and this would result in a 4-4. On that 4-4, McDavid would shit on Vatanen’s face by breaking his ankles and sniping one to tie it…


The crowd got into the game, but was shushed shortly after. The Ducks would win the face off and attack into the Oilers zone, then Wagner would wrist one past Talbot. Brutal goal, Talbot should have had that in his sleep. It was actually going wide and Talbot took it off the blocker and deflected it in. Tough one for the young Oilers but they would not quit and get two great chances to score towards the end of the 2nd but not capitalize. Gibson made two insane saves on odd-man chances. Edmonton would out shoot the Ducks 14-5 but remian down 4-3. 5 Minutes into the 3rd period, the Ducks would connect a sequence of passes to a wide open Silverberg who rips it past Talbot. His 6th goal of the playoffs. Kessler would get one a few minutes later to go up 6-3. Silverberg’s shot hit him, fell to his stick and he was able to put it in. The Ducks were the better team in the 3rd winning the shot battle 12-4.

Series: 2-1 Oilers. The Ducks best players showed up. Kessler got his goal. Getzlaf was great and Silverberg is playing as well as anyone. Whenever he gets the puck, anything can happen. The Ducks were better on the power play, only going on the penalty kill 3 times and holding the Oilers scoreless on all three. But they did give up the goal while 4-4. The Oilers were better on face offs, 42% instead of the 36% in game 2. The series has continued to be physical and game 4 should be just as physical.

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