Noah Syndergaard out with Tired Arm. Needs to become more of a Leader for the Mets. 

Well, Mets fans this is definitely not the news you wanted to start off your Thursday I bet. I’ll tell you this much, it already ruined my day and it’s barely noon. 

 This team hasn’t won in over a week, they are unraveling and everyone in the team is dropping like flies and it’s only April. Lucas Duda is on the DL, Steven Matz, Seth Lugo, Wilmer Flores, David Wright are all on the DL too, Cespedes just returned from it and guess what?!? It’s ONLY FREAKIN APRIL!! 

Listen, I love the Mets more than anything in this world, but this team is so damn frustrating. Just when I thought this 2017 season couldn’t get any worse, it did and in a bad way. 

It is being reported that Mets “Ace” Noah Syndergaard is not pitching today because of a tired arm. A tired arm in April?!? Like come on. Seriously?! And now he’s going in for an MRI and now all Mets fans have to sit and pray that it all comes back okay because if not this season is over and a waste. 

I put the quotes around “Ace” because honestly, I don’t think Noah is the ace of this team yet. He’s going to be one of the best pitchers in baseball, he already is, but he’s got to focus more on baseball at the moment. He’s got to stop worrying about his twitter, stop worrying about his public image, stop going to Ranger games during a 5 game losing streak. I mean all throughout the offseason, he was saying how the Mets are New York’s team and how they’re going to make a deep run in the playoffs. And yes, so far he is pitching well, but it could be better. And when he sees that they’re losing 5 in a row, don’t go to a Rangers game. Rally your teammates together, be a leader, watch the game in the clubhouse together, as a team. He should be focusing on the METS and nothing else right now. And now, he has a dead arm and likely not going to pitch for a couple games if all goes well. 

That’s why I love Harvey and deGrom so much. Harvey, yeah he’s cocky and he knows he likes to be the man. But you know what? He delivers and he always delivers, especially on the big stage. deGrom, he’s the silent assassin, he doesn’t say anything and just goes out there and dominates. 

Noah is still young and he needs to learn from Harvey and deGrom. He needs to learn how to be cocky like Harvey, yet, a silent assassin at the same time like deGrom. 

Noah has pitched in big games and he’s delivered, but he’s supposed to be the next superstar in this game, for a long time. I just don’t love the off the field stuff right now, especially after this horrific start. Even Harvey didn’t go to the Rangers game and he’s a die hard fan. 

I love Noah, don’t get me wrong. He will be the reason we win the World Series or not. He is a freaking beast. He is a man amongst boys out there. But just focus on becoming great, your image and other stuff will fall into place if you’re great, which he already is. 

But now with this whole “dead arm”‘ situation, my heart is beating a million times faster. Noah needs to be on this team. He needs to pitching every 5 games. Because he is a top 5 pitcher in baseball. 

By no stretch of the imagination am I ripping Noah. I just want him to back up his words from the offseason. I want him to be the leader on this team, especially with Wright out. I know he’s young but he’s got all the tools to be the best. Just go out there, back up your comments and lead this team like we all know you can. 

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