Legarrette Blount to the Giants?

There is “mutual Interest” between Legarrette Blount and the New York Giants according to Ian Rapoport on Twitter. This is what Rapoport tweeted this morning.


This would obviously be a big get for the Giants. As of right now the Giants don’t have a solid RB1 option. They ave 2nd year player Paul Perkins, who showed a lot of promise during his rookie year, but I don’t think he’s ready to take over the starting job just yet. The Giants also have Shane Vereen, but Vereen is most a 3rd down back because he is so good as a receiving back. But Blount give them the solidifying back.

The 6’0″, 250 pound running back form the University of Oregon has turned himself into a top tier back over the years. Last season for the Patriots, he ran the ball 299 times, rushing for 1,161 yard and had 18 touchdowns. That is an extraordinary upgrade from the Giants former Running Back, Rashad Jennings. I loved Jennings, and I think he is a very good back, but he struggled being the RB1, and he struggles with the Giants offensive line. The Giants don’t have the best line in the league, and they have their flaws.  They don’t open up big holes, but with Blount there, he is so big, he can just use his big body and push forward. He would be a great back on the goal line and for short first down conversions, something the Giants desperately need and something they haven’t had since Brandon Jacobs.

gif (20).gif

Blount also takes pressure off Eli. When Blount gets the ball he moves forward and the worst case scenario, he is going to use his big body, fall forward and get the Giants 3-4 yards, instead of -2 when the Giants backs get hit in the backfield. Blount will be very effective in the Giants system and he can protect Eli in the backfield, something Eli desperately needs.

The Giants definitely could use Blount and Blount can use the Giants. He goes from the Patriots to the Giants, he’s playing with a team that has won Super Bowls and has a chance to win another one soon, and he gets to be the starting running back as soon as he arrives in East Rutherford. In my honest opinion, it is a win-win for both sides and they should get the deal done by the Draft on Thursday.

The Giants already signed Brandon Marshall this off-season, (you can read about that signing on the link) and the signing of Blount can really solidify the Giants off-season.

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