Elijah Stewart Forgets to File Paperwork for NBA; Returning to USC

Like come onnnnnnnnnnnn.

Are you serious?!?! Like this has to be a joke, right? Elijah Johnson said he was declaring for the NBA draft, than today after the early-entry list of people who declared for the NBA draft was released, Elijah Stewart was not on the list.

He forgot to file out his paperwork for the NBA draft and now he has to return to USC for his senior year.

I find this incredibly funny. Like how do you forget to fill out your paperwork? You said you’re declaring for the draft, I’m sure he was working out to be in the draft, I’m definitely sure he wasn’t focusing on school work because why would he? He’s going to the NBA. But he forgot to fill out his paperwork. Honestly, this is funny. Like unbelievably funny. How do you do this? My mind is literally blown away.

How does no one remind him that he has to do that? How does he not mail it in? Like what else is going on that you can fill it out real quick? I have no words to say. As the great Elaine Benes “I am speechless, I am without speech.”


So, Stewart is returning to USC for his Senior season, and that bolts well for the Trojans. I already have them at #9 on my “Super Early” Top 25 and this will just make them that much better. He averaged 12.3 ppg and 3.9 rpg as a shooting guard. Look for those numbers to go up for his senior year.

I really hope, in the end, this works out the best for Stewart. Hopefully he dominates his senior year and it makes himself a first round pick. He’s bound to have an amazing year now.

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